Richard Maike and Richard Anzalone have filed motions to continue the Infinity2Global criminal trial.

The trial is currently scheduled for January 7th, 2019.

The DOJ has opposed the motion and argues that the defendants are trying to delay trial.

Maike and Anazlone’s respective motions are based on Anzalone’s change of attorney. Anzalone’s new counsel filed a motion of appearance on August 31st.

Despite the trial still being three months away, Anzalone’s attorney is requesting a continuance ‘to allow sufficient time for trial preparation‘.

Co-defendant Jason Syn has also recently changed attorneys, resulting in what the DOJ expects will be another motion to continue filing.

Whilst simultaneously asserting it is ‘loath to agree to a continuance‘, the DOJ nonetheless concedes ‘there are several factors which militate in favor of a relatively brief continuance of the trial‘.

But not because Richard Anzalone changed attorneys.

Factors cited in support of a “brief continuance” by the DOJ include

  • wanting to try all seven Infinity2Global defendants together;
  • acknowledgement of “voluminous discovery” and no need to rush defendants to trial in what is a “complex case”;
  • failure of Maike’s previous attorneys to comply with a court order pertaining to ongoing email discovery (over 7000 emails from an account belonging to Maike);
  • the likelihood of a second superseding indictment to add additional charges against the defendants; and
  • coordination issues resulting from the DOJ intending to call “witnesses from all over the United States”

The stated timeframe in the DOJ’s motion is “a few months”.

As at the time of publication a decision regarding a possible trial continuance has yet to be made. Stay tuned…


Update 15th October 2018 – The scheduled January 7th trial has been vacated.