Following withdrawal of Richard Maike’s attorney back in April, he was given thirty days to find new counsel.

Maike is a named defendant in the DOJ’s Infinity2Global criminal case, which is scheduled to go to trial on July 22nd.

In a new motion filed on June 10th, Maike advises the court he’s found a new attorney.

Problem is the attorney will only represent Maike if the trial is delayed to February 2020.

Maike claims to have contacted “multiple attorneys”, none of which have been willing to represent him without a continuance.

I’m not really sure what happens under these circumstances.

The DOJ has alleged Maike has delaying proceedings since at least October 2018.

The issue back then was “trial preparation”. Eight months later it’s the same story.

Since the FTC began investigating him in 2015, Maike has burned through four separate law firms.

His last attorney split due to a deterioration in the attorney-client relationship.

What’s to say Maike is granted a continuance, hires this new layer, spits the dummy later in the year and requests yet another continuance?

Pending a decision on Maike’s motion, stay tuned…


Update 18th June 2019 – On June 11th an order directed parties in the case to file a response to Maike’s continuance motion by June 17th.

Between June 12th and 17th “no objection” response filings were made by the parties, including the DOJ.

Maike has apparently recently retained new counsel, and it would be unreasonable to expect adequate preparation for trial within the time remaining before the trial date now set.

Maike requested a February 2020 trial continuance. As of yet the court hasn’t formally granted the motion.


Update 22nd June 2019 – On June 19th Maike’s motion for a trial continuance was granted.


Update 20th August 2019 – As per an August 5th order, the Infinity2Global trial has been rescheduled for May 11th, 2020.