Authorities in Argentina have arrested two Generation Zoe accountants.

Julieta Sciutti and Maximiliano Mitroff are cited as a “key part” of Generation Zoe’s money laundering.

In an August 19th Infobae report covering the arrests,

Today at dawn, after being raided last May, Sciutti and Mitroff were finally arrested in La Plata, accused of fraud and illicit association by the prosecutor Juliana Companys de Villa María.

The operation was carried out by the Antimafia Investigation Department of the Federal Police, which reports to the Superintendency of Federal Investigations.

Authorities seized $35,000 and Sciutti’s and Mitroff’s cell phones. Four other unnamed Generation Zoe suspects were also arrested.

Infobae claims Sciutti and Mitroff were paid hundreds of thousands to create Zoe Latam Ordinary Administration Trust.

Generation Zoe founder Leonard Cositorto told investors the shell company would eventually be publicly listed.

This prompted a virtual share investment scam, on top of Generation Zoe’s smart-contract Ponzi scam.

As part of Generation Zoe’s money laundering operations, Sciutti and Mitroff worked with Norman Prospero and Héctor Luis Yrimia.

Prospero, Generation Zoe’s Chief Financial Officer, was arrested back in February.

Yrimia, Generation Zoe’s Legal Advisor, fled to Dubai just before Generation Zoe collapsed late last year.

In line with Dubai’s unofficial policy of sheltering scammers from law enforcement, Yrimia was granted a local visa and permitted to stay in the emirate.

Argentina sought the capture of Yrimia through Interpol, but so far Dubai has refused to act on an international arrest warrant.