Futures Trade has announced a “regulators!” exit-scam.

The move comes hours after BehindMLM outed owner “Dylan Carnell” as UK resident Daniel Clayton.

In a stream for Futures Trade investors, rather than just admit the Ponzi scheme, Clayton put on a dog and pony act.

To describe how I’m feeling right now? Angry, disappointed, upset, annoyed… I can’t put into words what I’m feeling right now.

This might be the last sort of video that I make for a little while …

There has been a full report division report made us against to authorities, with the project details, with incredible misinformation in there as well.

Um, yeah and it’s got me really worried about the future of the project and about the future of people’s funds …

Clayton knew Futures Trade was over after I told him it was yesterday.

With the information that’s been brought to light to me today, I’m really disappointed and annoyed that someone has gone about this in this way.

Not just considering the UK’s stance on cryptocurrency … but also false information, false targeting specific individuals and even myself.

Clayton is referring to BehindMLM’s Futures Trades review, which correctly identified the scam as a Ponzi scheme.

Having been reported, I’ve had a formal letter from authorities claiming that certain things are being looked into. (That) certain things that we shouldn’t be doing.

We inevitably, and a lot of members, a lot of big investors, and those compliance meetings that I had with um, real people in real life, was addressing these issues (and) trying to get these issues sorted before anything like this has happened.

Unfortunately well, people are trying to ruin it for us …

I want to preface by unequivocally stating Clayton’s “regulators” exit-scam is complete bullshit.

There isn’t a regulator on the planet that moves on a report in just a few days. Let alone in the UK, whose FCA are utterly incompetent.

Notwithstanding Futures Trade was fine over the weekend (until Clayton was outed). And Clayton’s announcement was made in the early hours local UK time, well before he could’ve received new correspondence from a government regulator.

With all that in mind, Clayton’s claims are even more bullshit on account of you can’t “fix” securities fraud.

If you haven’t registered with financial regulators and are running a passive returns MLM company, you’re committing securities fraud.

The only reason this happens is because companies like Futures Trade are Ponzi schemes.

Clayton is trying on the old “haters did this!” ruse. Wherein a scammer claims they were working towards compliance, and pull an exit-scam on the basis they tried but haterz got in the way.

The first order of business is we will no longer be able to deliver the original core functionality of Futures Trade.

That is because we’ll be unable to continue. Something worse would happen if we don’t basically take action now.

Futures Trade collapsed for one and one reason only: It was a 3% a day Ponzi scheme.

In the aftermath of Futures Trade, Clayton is requesting investors write in for refunds.

It’s with a horrible and heavy heart that I’ve decided we have to close the original portion of Futures Trade and just refund any of the investors who haven’t currently profited with us …

I want people to still support me.

I want to refund all the investors that have withdrawn less than they have currently invested in the platform.

This is going to cost my own capital. It’s going to cost the company capital at the end of the day.

But for the protection of Futures Trade, for the protection of members, for this project to even have a half chance of continuing in the future, this is what we have to do.

Asking investors to send in emails is again absurd, on account of Futures Trade already knowing who lost money in the scam.

In a subsequent bizarre turn of events, Clayton followed up his video with a claim that Futures Trade’s website domain had been hacked.

Recent updates to the withdrawal system gave way to a hack attempt, the website domain was compromised and this disrupted the activity of the server and it couldn’t process withdrawal.

All funds have been successfully securities and encrypted in codes and backed up in our offline database.

The website “futurestrade.io” and all company links on it have been shutdown to avoid further hack attempt.

Clayton requests affiliates log in to “logicbitinvest.net” using their Futures Trade affiliate credentials.

This feels like a recovery scam in and of itself.

The LogicBitInvest domain was privately registered on December 10th, 2021.

LogicBitInvest itself is another MLM crypto Ponzi, advertising “10% daily forever” returns.

Or if you’re particularly gullible, you can drop $500 to $5000 and receive 2000% after 60 days.

Like Futures Trade, LogicBitInvest pegs its legitimacy on being a UK shell company. It’s highly likely this is a backup scheme of Clayton’s that never launched.

Funneling Futures Trade victims into another MLM crypto Ponzi is further sign Clayton’s “regulators!” waffling is complete baloney.

Total Futures Trade investor losses are unknown.

At time of publication Alexa ranks the US as the largest source of traffic to Futures Trade’s website 57%.

Neither Futures Trade of Daniel Clayton are registered with the SEC.

Stay tuned for any updates…


Update 24th January 2022 – Daniel Clayton has announced he’ll be deleting his Dylan Carnell FaceBoon profile, as well as the official Futures Trade FaceBook group.

Investors are being funneled into a Telegram group named “Elite Private Investors”:

Clayton states he plans to “let the dust settle down”, and then return with a new Ponzi token “in one month”.


Update 6th March 2022 – Futures Trade scammers are trying to milk victims further with their LogicBitInvest reload scam.