The scammers behind Futures Trade are back with a new Ponzi, LogicBitInvest.

LogicBitInvest markets a 2000% ROI every 60 days. You already know…

In an email sent out to Futures Trade affiliate investors, the scammers behind the Ponzi attempted to explain away its collapse.

Recent updates to the withdrawal system gave way to a hack attempt, the website domain was compromised and this disrupted the activity of the server and it couldn’t process withdrawal.

All funds have been successfully secured and encrypted in codes and backed up in our offline database.

What actually happened was BehindMLM let Boris CEO Dylan Clayton know we knew who he was. This prompted an exit-scam hours later.

The original Futures Trade exit-scam ruse was “regulators”. That has now been changed to “we got hacked!”.

Either way Dylan Clayton appears to be gone. And whoever hired him to front Futures Trade is pushing on with LogicBitInvest.

Futures Trade victims have been told the company will restore their backoffice monopoly money account in LogicBitInvest.

The catch is they have to hand over another $100.

After registration, go to account activation to allow funds transfer.

Activate by making a minimum deposit of 100(USD) on your first  investment plan in the affiliate website.

Once activation is complete, navigate to the request for user tracking link, which is required to track and verify the user account from the encrypted backup uploaded to the root server.

LogicBitInvest’s website domain was privately registered on December 10th, 2021.

In an attempt to appear legitimate, LogicBitInvest offers up a UK incorporation certificate for “BitcoinTower Limited”.

UK shell incorporation being meaningless aside, BitcoinTower Limited is unlikely to have anything to do with LogicBitInvest.

UK corporate records reveal BitcoinTower Limited was dissolved in March 2021.

On the business side of things LogicBitInvest pitches three investment plans:

  1. invest $10 to $600 and receive 10% a day “forever”
  2. invest $100 to $1000 and receive 700% after 30 days
  3. invest $500 to $5000 and receive 2000% after 60 days

LogicBitInvest pays commissions on invested funds down two levels of recruitment (unilevel):

  • 5% on level 1 (personally recruited affiliates)
  • 1% on level 2

The FaceBook page link on LogicBitInvest’s website reveals the page has already been deleted.

Curiously on the support page of LogicBitInvest’s website, the top social media links point to defunct BitCoin Tower accounts:

This suggests whoever is running LogicBitInvest was also behind Bitcoin Tower.

This prompted me to look into BitCoin Tower. I found a 2019 Ponzi scheme running the same website template as LogicBitInvest:

This explains the defunct UK shell company certificate. All the LogicBitInvest scammers have done is change out the logo.

With or without a Boris CEO appearing on camera, the majority of LogicBitInvest investors will lose money to serial Ponzi scammers.


Update 30th April 2022 – A reader has written in to share an email from “Biotxu”, also redirecting victims to LogicBitInvest.

Dear partners Biotxu and investors of the company We understand the concerns and inconvenience caused by the company’s recent actions and we sincerely apologize for this.

– Recent updates to the withdrawal system led to a hack attempt that resulted in the company closing all transactions simultaneously and securely securing funds.

-All funds are successfully secured and encrypted. All thanks to the technical experts of the company.

– The Biotxu website and all company links on the website have been closed and disabled for internal use to process feedback.

-Backup funds successfully transferred to the affiliate website logicbitinvest. Proceed with recovery and withdrawals through the affiliate website.

Only change I’ve made is to remove the full URL addresses from the website links.

Biotxu pitches itself as a “bitcoin double” (read: 200% ROI Ponzi scheme). It seems to be another collapsed project from the same group of scammers.