EzIncome4All launched in August 2013 and names Terry Burns as the owner (also claiming that EzIncome4all is a subsidiary of “TNB Enterprises LLC”).

Burns operates out of the US state of Virginia and claims to be the ‘program owner of several other sites on the Internet and they are still open for business and will be for many years to come’.


The only company I was able to tie Burns (right) to as an owner was “Dream Team 2×2”. Dream Team 2×2 charges affiliates $35 to participate in a matrix-based recruitment scheme.

Launched in February of this year, Dream Team 2×2 appears to have gone into decline around July, no doubt prompting the release of EzIncome4All.

Prior to EzIncome4All and Dream Team 2×2, Burns’ launched “Golden Gate to Wealth” back in mid 2011. Golden Gate to Wealth was another matrix-based recruitment scheme that has since collapsed and is not operational today.

Other companies Burns credits himself with ownership are “Dream Team 1 Up”, “Traffic2Wealth”, “Mega Cycler” and “Surfin Adz”.

Between Golden Gate to Wealth and Dream Team 2×2, Burns’ YouTube channel suggest affiliate involvement in a number of suspicious schemes.


Listed are Highdef Nation (failed insurance-based pyramid scheme), EZ Downline Builder (downline generate for several recruitment-based schemes) and 2Bucks2Join (a $2 entry pyramid scheme).

Read on for a full review of the EzIncome4All MLM business opportunity.

The EzIncome4All Product Line

EzIncome4All has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market affiliate membership to the company itself.

Once an affiliate has joined EzIncome4All, they are then able to purchase positions in the compensation plan.

The EzIncome4All Compensation Plan

The EzIncome4All compensation plan revolves around affiliates purchasing $50 positions in the company, referred to as “Ez Packs”.

As per the EzIncome4All compensation plan material:

$25 of your Ez Pack fee goes towards your 1×3 cycler matrix and the other $25 pays for your revenue share.

Matrix Commissions

EzIncome4All use three 1×3 matrices to pay out their matrix commissions, with each matrix relying on affiliates purchasing Ez Pack positions to fill them.

The first matrix pays out $25 when full and provides entry into the second matrix.

The second matrix pays out $50 when full and provides entry into the third matrix.

The third matrix pays out $100 when full and provides free re-entry into a new level 3 matrix.

A $10 referral commission is also paid when any personally recruited affiliate cycles out of a level 3 matrix.

Revenue Sharing

When an affiliate purchases an Ez Pack position, they are given a $25 position in the company’s revenue-sharing scheme.

On the condition that affiliates click 6 company-provided ads a day, EzIncome4All will eventually pay out a $32.50 ROI (130%). How fast this ROI is paid out is directly tied into how much money affiliates deposit into the company each day.

Referred to as “Vacation Mode”, affiliates can bypass the ad clicking requirement for a week by paying EzIncome4All $20.

A 10% referral commission is also offered on the investments made by personally recruited EzIncome4All affiliates.

Recruitment Commissions

A $15 commission is paid out for each new affiliate recruited into EzIncome4All.

Joining EzIncome4All

Affiliate membership to EzIncome4All is free, however affiliates need to purchase Ez Packs ($50 plus a $5 admin fee) if they wish to withdraw any commissions generated.


Not at all surprising given Terry Burn’s MLM industry history, EzIncome4All is an obvious hybrid between your standard Ponzi and pyramid scheme.

The revenue-share takes affiliate money and simply redistributes it out to existing investors until they have been paid 130%.

The matrix commissions require new affiliates to purchase positions, with the idea being that this will keep the revenue-sharing money flowing in as a pack purchase provides entry into both schemes.

Sustainability wise, if new money is not deposited into EzIncome4All from new and existing affiliates, the scheme collapses.

Dream Team 2×2 appears to have had a lifespan of around 6 months before things began to stall, and I imagine the same will happen with EzIncome4All.

What’s worse is the blatant cushioning of top spots in Burns’ schemes, as evidenced by an email sent out to an EzIncome4All affiliate after they upset Burns by advertising the scheme before he’d finished positioning his friends at the top:


Burns “expects” his “leaders” to pump a whole bunch of money into his schemes upfront or he simply deletes their accounts. This is known as “pre-loading” in HYIP circles and, although widely practiced (in secret), is generally frowned upon.

In a nutshell, Burns and his “leaders” will take their share of the initial revenue generated and when that runs out…  well, you can guess what happens to those who invested last.