The eOracle Ponzi scheme has collapsed, again.

eOracle disabled affiliate withdrawals by disabling their stand-alone ECN Ponzi points website. This happened about a week ago.

Prior to the ECN website going down, eOracle rebooted its Ponzi smart-contract on the tezos blockchain. This appears to have happened mid to late September.

The original eOracle Ponzi scheme ran on the tron blockchain. ECN itself is/was a simple TRC-20 shit token.

eOracle itself was a reboot of Espian Global, which had its own SGT ERC-20 shit token.

When BehindMLM reviewed eOracle in June, the company represented Edgar Gonzalez was its CEO.

 Karn Dwivedi (right) has since emerged as the face of the company.

Dwivedi speaks with an Indian accent, which tracks with Alexa pegging India at 51% of eOracle’s website traffic.

Dwivedi has been with the company since ESPN Global, where he claimed to be the company’s “country head of India”.

As per Dwivedi’s LinkedIn profile he’s based out of Dubai. Presumably this means eOracle’s executive operations have also moved to Dubai.

This makes sense, seeing as Dubai is the MLM scam capital of the world.

In an eOracle webinar believed to have taken place late last week, Dwivedi stated;

[0:59] Regarding the ECN website; it’s under maintenance, it’s not closed.

It’s under maintenance, some due-diligences [sic]. And uh it will be open again, uh in next four or five days.

Dwivedi goes onto claim there’s some audit going on, which of course makes no sense. You don’t need to pull down a website down to conduct an audit.

Clearly Dwivedi is touting an eOracle reboot. And that reboot appears tied to the launch of Fomoex.

Such to the extent there are any direct ties to Fomoex, they are not yet clear.

Rather Fomoex is tied to eOracle’s reboot by way of it integrating ECN into its own business model.

Note that only the ERC-20 and TRC-20 versions of ECN are present. This means the third tezos incarnation has probably been aborted.

Also note the appearance of Molecular Future (MOF). MOF is tied to the HyperFund Ponzi scheme.

Again, any direct ties between FomoEX and HyperFund are also unclear.

What is clear is it’s likely money changed hands to make all of this happen.

FomoEX is currently in prelaunch. When it opens up eOracle will likely restore access to the ECN website.

Despite integration into eOracle and HyperFund’s respective Ponzi tokens, FomoEX is being launched as a stand-alone opportunity.

BehindMLM will have a FomoEX review up tomorrow.

Looking forward, regardless of the finer details of FomoEX’s as an opportunity, ultimately funds are still being shuffled around to meet ever-increasing withdrawal requests.

There’s only so much ethereum or tron to pay out. Once that’s exhausted eOracle will be back at square one.


Update 24th October 2021 –¬†BehindMLM has published a stand-alone FomoEX review.


Update 10th November 2021 – Indian authorities have identified a trio of scammers they claim are behind FomoEX, Espian Global and eOracle.

The arrested suspects are Raghavendra, Nagaraju and Shivamurthy. All three reside in Bangalore, India.