Victims of Jan-Eric Nyman’s eComelize pyramid scheme are being funneled into BinaryTorrent.

BinaryTorrent appears to be a reboot pyramid scheme with a new marketing ruse and tokens.

An agreement, sent out by “Bo Jensen” from a BinaryTorrent email address, promises eComelize victims a “rescue package”.

The package purportedly covers:

  • shares made in some UK shell company Nyman set up (securities fraud);
  • money lost on eComelize “MLM packages” (wire fraud); and
  • money lost on eComelize “MLM positions” (wire fraud)

BehindMLM reviewed eComelize in May 2020. Based on that review I’m not seeing what the difference between MLM packages and positions are.

Certainly there was no talk of illegally selling shares in a UK shell company, so it appears Nyman built on eComelize after our review was published.

BehindMLM noted Nyman fronting Lucky Dozens, an illegal lottery scheme launched in mid 2021.

As of September 2021 Lucky Dozens appears to have been abandoned. Lucky Dozen’s original website domain redirects to “MembersOnly”.

MembersOnly is “owned and operated by Launch Day S.R.L.”, a shell company Nyman set up in Costa Rica.

Traffic to MembersOnly is nonexistent, suggesting it too has collapsed. Whether Lucky Dozens victims are also being funnelled into BinaryTorrent is unclear.

BinaryTorrent’s marketing pitch sees the company represent it has “unique marketing agreements” with Made4Share Publishing LLC and Lapland Mineral Inc.

Something something “publishing app”, something something invest in Lapland Mineral Gold Token (LMGT).

As the official BinaryTorrent marketing slide above reveals, LMGT is a BEP-20 token. These take about five minutes to set up at little to no cost.

And obviously neither Lapland Mineral Inc. or LMGT have anything to do with gold.

The eComelize reload scam sees BinaryTorrent promise to

convert 50% of your failed investment into LMGT.

The conversion rate is based on the current price of gold which at the time of writing is €56.00 per gram.

Each token is backed by 0.1 gram of gold collateral agreements, which value each token at €5.60.

As previously stated, LMGT is a BEP-20 shit token, BinaryTorrent creates these on demand at little to no cost. This is how BinaryTorrent is able to offer eComelize victims a “rescue package”.

Give the once-scammed suckers some bullshit tokens, hope they pimp out the new scam. That’s the reality behind BinaryTorrent’s rescue package.

By entering this agreement, all previous and future claims one thought one might have, based on investments, purchases of MLM packages, and MLM positions done in eComelize, will be nullified and void.

One might even go a step further and classify BinaryTorrent as an eComelize exit-scam. Give the suckers some tokens so they stop pestering you about their losses.

Cash out and Dubai.

What do you mean you lost money again? We gave you tokens worth gold! Just find someone more gullible than you willing to pay for them…

As for who’s behind BinaryTorrent and its associated Made4Share Publishing and Lapland Mineral shell companies, if it wasn’t obvious already…

Nyman’s name doesn’t appear anywhere on BinaryTorrent’s website.

As per the Lapland Mineral Gold Token slide above, Jan-Eric Nyman and his insiders are in place. Next eComelize victims will be onboarded, with the public expected to lose money to them sometime in Q4 2022.

A complete BehindMLM BinaryTorrent review is pending.


Update 14th August 2022 – BehindMLM’s Binary Torrent review is live.