Eagle Bit Trade was an MLM crypto Ponzi scheme launched in 2018.

Run by Brazilian national Edson Junior Amaral, Eagle Bit Trade was the usual “crypto trading bot” ruse.

After Italy issued an Eagle Bit Trade securities fraud warning in November 2018, the Ponzi scheme went on to collapse shortly thereafter.

Now, five years later, Eagle Bit Trade has reemerged on a new website domain.

Eagle Bit Trade originally operated from the domain “eaglebittrade.com”. That domain has been defunct since the Ponzi collapsed.

The Eagle Bit Trade reboot operates from the domain “eaglebittrade.pro”, privately registered on October 24th, 2023.

No ownership or executive information is provided, so it’s unclear whether Edson Amaral (right) is behind the reboot.

Whoever is running it, Eagle Bit Trade’s reboot is more of the same. Investors are pitched on daily returns of up to 1% a day for 365 days.

The ruse is still cryptocurrency trading…

The primary goal of the AI-based trading system is to generate profits by making well-informed trading decisions.

…but, as with the original Ponzi, all Eagle Bit Trade does is recycle newly invested funds to pay existing investors.

That works till it inevitably doesn’t (withdrawals exceed investment), at which point Eagle Bit Trade collapses again.

On the MLM side of things Eagle Bit Trade pitches “30% in profit share upto 10 levels”.

That would be a unilevel compensation plan, however no further specifics are provided.

Seems kind of pointless to relaunch a Ponzi scheme that collapsed five years ago, but here we are.