A Bangkok court has found Derrick Keller not guilty over his association with the Eagle Gates Group Ponzi scheme.

Keller (right) was arrested last August over his involvement in promotion of Eagle Gates Group.

In his defense, Keller claimed he was approached in China about acting in videos portraying Eagle Gates Group’s management.

Keller claims he was paid $15,000 for the role and other than that, had no ties to the company.

Following a fourteen month stint in Klong Prem prison, Keller was cleared of all charges and released on Monday, September 30th.

Believing he was free to leave the country, upon attempting to fly back to the US Keller was again apprehended and placed in detention. This time over visa and immigration issues.

Thai immigration authorities informed Keller he was ‘facing immigration charges for being in Thailand without a visa.’

Mr Keller was taken into immigration detention and remains there after being told that he could not pay a fine and be deported back home until Monday the 7th October at the earliest.

Upon his release, Keller gave a brief interview on what it was like inside Klong Prem prison.

Their favorite thing to do is slap the prisoners.

So if you do something wrong they call you over and they make you lean over in front of them, and they’ll slap you on the side of the face with an open hand … which rings the ears bad.

And uh, punching you in belly whenever you were getting counted to go upstairs.

There’s one guard who loved to punch me in the belly.

And I’d flinch up and tighten up to try and block it. And he’d wait till I relaxed and then took a breath and then, wham.

He thought it was funny. He thought it was hilarious.

On or around October 11th, Keller finally returned to the US.

The other actors who worked with Keller to portray Eagle Gates Group’s fictional management remain at large.