David Wayne Mayer is co-founder of Silver Star Live.

The CFTC sued Mayer, who also goes by the pseudonym “Quicksilver”, for forex fraud in 2020.

On July 27th 2021, the CFTC was granted a $5 million default judgment against Mayer.

The judgment also saw Mayer (right), subject to a permanent injunction that prohibits him

from engaging in conduct that violates the Commodity Exchange Act (CEA), registering with the CFTC, and trading in any CFTC-regulated markets.

In violation of the 2021 judgment, Mayer has returned to forex fraud with Autobot Trading.

Autobot Trading operates from the domain “autobottrading.io”, privately registered on June 18th, 2022.

A visit to Autobot Trading’s website reveals the company pitches “full crypto and forex automation for $149 per month”.

Autobot Trading offers four trading bots:

  • Q – “high win percentage software”
  • Q2 – “a much higher volume trading software … strives for 12% per month” (coming soon)
  • QSignals – “a revolutionary way to automate manual trading”
  • BitGet Crypto Automated Trading – “a crypto trading robot that only trades a handful of trades every month”

Autobot Trading’s bots run on MT5. The company represents it has partnerships with The Prop Trading, BitGet and ForexVPS.

Autobot Trading’s website doesn’t disclose who’s behind the company. At least not directly.

Autobot Trading marketing videos are narrated by a male who introduces himself as “David”.

If we look at the documentation for “Q”, we see it is developed by “Dave QS”:

The documentation for QSignals reveals it is also copyrighted by “Dave QS”:

So who is Dave QS?

If we take a look at the document properties for Q and Qsignals documentation, we find…

…they were created by “David Mayer”. David Wayne Mayer is running Autobot Trading.

Autobot Trading is is SilverStar Live Trading all over again, with added crypto securities fraud.

As far as I can tell, there isn’t an MLM component to Autobot Trading.

A linked Telegram group on Autobot Trading’s website points to “Important Trading Info”:

The group is currently sitting at over 6000 members. Whether Mayer runs Important Trading Info is unclear.

Autobot Trading provides a contact address in Sarajevo, Bosnia on its website.

Autobot Trading’s website terms and conditions however states;

These Terms are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Florida, U.S.A.

In their 2020 complaint, the CFTC identified Mayer as a resident of Roswell, Georgia. Mayer’s current whereabouts are unknown.

If you’ve been approached about Autobot Trading, aside from operating illegally due to Mayer’s injunction ban, it’s worth noting what Mayer told the CFTC under oath in 2019;

On September 12, 2019, Mayer provided sworn testimony before the CFTC.

During his testimony, Mayer admitted that he had no actual trading experience and his statement that he had “been trading for a little over 20 years now” was false.

Mayer also admitted in his sworn testimony that his previous statements regarding his experience working at the hedge fund were false.

In their August 25th, 2021 press-release, the CFTC further noted;

From at least July 2018 to March 2019, the defendants fraudulently solicited customers to open discretionary trading accounts, and offered to trade those accounts, through a fully automated retail foreign currency (forex) trading software system that Mayer created.

The order further finds that the defendants solicited customers through online videos, social media, and in-person marketing events.

The defendants misrepresented the forex trading system’s performance history and expected trading profits.

Further, the defendants failed to disclose that Mayer never opened a live trading account using the forex trading system.

Mayer is a serial con man. Any representations he makes about trading or having a trading history should be assumed false.