Today we take a look inside the EmpiresX Ponzi scheme.

Who’s running it? From where? How much have they stolen? And who are EmpiresX’s top earners?

The following data is believed to have been sources from EmpiresX’s own servers. It is believed to be current as of early January 2022.

Admins running EmpiresX are:

  • Flavio Goncales;
  • Jomo Santos;
  • Vinicius Guimaraes; and
  • Emerson Pires

Goncales, Santos and Guimaraes log into EmpiresX through Tecnologia2u email addresses.

Tecnologia2u is a Brazilian development firm owned by Goncales.

EmpiresX’s admin accounts log in from IPs from Minas Gerias and Sao Paolo in Brazil, and Florida in the US.

This suggests that, at least at time of publication, Flavio Goncales and his team are still in Brazil. Emerson Pires is a resident of Florida and appears to still be there.

The current total number of EmpiresX accounts stands at just over 1.2 million, of which 5% to 10% are estimated to be fake.

On the money side of things EmpiresX has taken in an estimated minimum $60 million. The actual amount is believed to be higher but we don’t have a specific figure.

Based on the available dataset, total ROI withdrawals to date sits at $16.4 million to $25 million.

Commissions paid out to EmpiresX top promoters is $17.7 million dollars.

The top earners in EmpiresX are:

  • Shohan Bowala through the email address kirannaqqash@(removed) – over $500,000
  • Nawin Sukkhadit through the email address chanit.bkk17@(removed) – over $500,000
  • Tom Hickerson through the email address dataphonesales@(removed) – over $350,000
  • Canhhoang Ngoc through the email address damphuong2022@(removed) – $over $250,000

This is MLM commissions only. How much each of the above earners has withdrawn through ROI withdrawals is unclear.

Shohan Bowala is a resident of Melbourne, Australia.

In addition to EmpiresX he has and continues to promote multiple Ponzi schemes through his “Crypto Cartel” FaceBook group.

The other three names are unknown to me and I wasn’t able to dig up anything definitive.

One last interesting tidbit is the presence of data corresponding to “” and “” in EmpiresX’s backend data.

I believe “” corresponds to Neworkoin, a short-lived Ponzi from 2019. This is not a definitive link.

Mining Capital Coin is a Ponzi scheme from 2018. Of note is Emerson Pires popping up in the comments to defend the scam.

In total there are references to fourteen other websites in EmpiresX’s backend data:


This suggests code is recycled between Tecnologia2u projects.

It also suggests Pires and Goncalves have been running Ponzi schemes through Tecnologia2u for some time.

EmpiresX withdrawals have been disabled since late October. BehindMLM called EmpiresX’s collapse in early December.

Since then, recruitment of new victims has transitioned from western countries to Africa.

Alexa currently ranks top sources of traffic to EmpiresX’s website as Tanzania (68%) and South Africa (16%). Vietnam comes in third at 6%.

Coinciding with disabling EmpiresX withdrawals, Emerson Pires and Flavio Goncales have slowed down communication with investors.

In their last audio announcement, dated December 12th, Pires and Goncales threatened to sue EmpiresX victims and promoters.