Digital Partners Network claims reporting on its partnership with Crowd1 is defamatory.

As per a defamation complaint made on January 19th, Leonard Martin Fertig writes;

My name is Leonard M Fertig and I am a founding Director of Digital Partners Network PLC (DPN), a UK corporation.

The infringing organisation, Behind MLM, has made defamatory statements about DPN referring to its origins, it purpose, and calling it a scam.

The publication of this article and its availability on the Google Search has caused damage and continues to damage the business reputation of the company.

While Behind MLM may have objections to the Crowd1 company, this company is not involved with the founding of DPN nor is there any business or legal connection between Crowd1 and Digital Partners Network.

Regardless of opinions one may have about Crowd1, that organisation is not involved with the business, the management, or the activities of DPN.

This posting inaccurately and unfairly besmirches DPN based on animosity toward a different and unrelated business. It is clearly unwarranted and defamatory.

Our request is that Google remove this offending post from search availability as it is defamatory to Digital Partners Network PLC.

DPN was set up as a UK shell company in July 2021. It’s sole purpose is to act as a front to convert Crowd1 Ponzi shares into DPN virtual shares.

Crowd1 Ponzi shares are worthless outside of Crowd1. No legitimate unrelated company would accept them, which means Fertig is telling porky pies.

In reality Digital Partners Network is just another extension of Crowd1.

The company was incorporated as Digital Partners Network PLC in the UK. The provided corporate address is a virtual office site in Covent Garden.

Listed Digital Partners Network Directors are John Moore and Leonard Martin Fertig.

I haven’t look up Moore but Fertig doesn’t appear to exist outside of multiple shell company incorporations.

That Fertig might not even exist isn’t surprising. The UK is notoriously lax when it comes to shell company incorporation.


Update 24th January 2022 – Leonard M. Fertig does indeed exist.

According to a Broadband TV News entry, Fertig (right) is

an American-born UK-based communications and media entrepreneur and consultant.

Beyond money, why Fertig is fronting shell companies for Ponzi schemes and pretending he isn’t remains unclear. /end update


In any event this appears to be little more than a backhanded way for Crowd1 to bury evidence of ongoing fraud.

Crowd1 is run by Swedish national Jonas Werner (right).

Werner was up until 2020 residing in Spain. He is believed to have fled to Dubai.