COTP Ponzi promoters recently attempted to launch a COTP Safe Miner reboot.

Now, a week or so later, they’ve abandoned the Ponzi and rebooted as Trust Miner.

COTP Safe Miner and Trust Miner were set up by someone going by “Corey Deez” on Telegram.

Deez describes himself as a “DeFi Developer”, which is crypto bro speak for “I create MLM crypto Ponzi schemes”.

Deez appears to be involved in a number of fraudulent investment schemes, including Novatech and Pegasus.

COTP Safe Miner was set up to prey on COTP Ponzi victims.

The trouble is, due to having been scammed by COTP, investors were weary of joining anything bearing the same name.

And so, realizing COTP Safe Miner was toast, relaunched it as Trust Miner.

Trust Miner has been set up on the domain “”, privately registered on June 15th.

Trust Miner solicits investment in USDT, on the promise of a 3.3% daily ROI.

Referral commissions are again paid 12% on personally recruited affiliate investment.

To promote his reboot Ponzi, Corey Deez has created a new TrustMinerCommunity Telegram group.

Running a reload Ponzi scheme borrowing from the name of a just-collapsed Ponzi is already pretty desperate.

Having to rename it and relaunch a week out is depressingly hilarious. Not so much a race to the bottom as, “We’ve already reached the bottom of our Ponzi scamming, but how can we make things worse?