The COS Ponzi scheme has collapsed.

In addition to “cancelling” withdrawals, COS’ admins have also trotted out a “hackers!” exit-scam.

COSCOIN has been attacked by hackers from unknown sources, and the withdrawal amounts of all users have been maliciously tampered with.

The COSCOIN technical department has solved this problem. In order to ensure the safety of users’ funds, all withdrawal applications have been cancelled.

While simultaneously disabling withdrawals, COS is still encouraging new investment with a 100% new deposit match.

This is the same bonus currently being run by ITP Corp, suggesting both Ponzi schemes are likely being run by the same group of Chinese scammers.

“Click a button” app Ponzis emerged in late 2021 and typically target mobile users with limited financial literacy.

COS’ “click a button” ruse was quantitative trading. Investors logged in, clicked a button and were led to believe this corresponded to fictional trading activity.

At the time of its collapse, SimilarWeb recorded top sources of traffic to COS’ website as the UK (22%), Morocco (19%), Germany (17%), Hungary (11%) and Romania (9%).

It’s a similar story for ITP Corp, with the UK once again being the top source of investors.