On September 7th the DOJ moved to stay proceedings in the CFTC’s civil iComTech case.

The request was granted on September 8th.

As per Judge Klausner’s order, the CFTC’s iComTech case is stayed for 90 days. The parties are required to provide a Status Report seven days prior to the 90 deadline.

Pending conclusion of the iComTech criminal proceedings, it’s expected the CFTC stay will continue to be extended.

iComTech was an MLM cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme launched in 2018.

The DOJ filed criminal charges against iComTech defendants David Carmona, Marco Ruiz Ochoa, Moses Valdez, Juan Arellano, David Brend and Gustavo Rodriguez last November.

A criminal trial has been scheduled for February 12th, 2024.