CashFX Group purportedly hasn’t paid anyone since May 29th.

As the excuses pile up and affiliate investor frustration mounts, CashFX Group is now threatening anyone who complains with termination.

CashFX Group’s latest move was announced earlier today in affiliate backoffices.

It is important that you are aware, frustration is no excuse for abusive or slanderous social media posts.

Your comments could have your account permanently terminated from the CFX, a project that has the capacity to change your financial life.

Despite widespread claims to the contrary, CashFX Group states;

Bitcoin stability is returning, withdrawals are all getting caught up.

Who CashFX Group are paying is unclear. It’s certainly not their rank and file affiliate investors.

Even more bizarrely, CashFX Group reframes not paying anyone for a month as a positive;

These delays are not a warning of a future failure, but rather our unwavering focus on diligence in taking the correct actions to ensure a long, and successful business partnership and our CFX family.

Alllllllrighty then.

Predictably, CashFX Group’s threat resulted in a ton of public ass kissing on their social media channels:

“Please don’t ban meeeeeee! I enjoy not getting paid!”

BehindMLM first documented CashFX Group withdrawal delays in April 2020.

It seems recruitment kept the CashFX Group alive, no doubt helped along by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Like any Ponzi scheme however you can’t stop the inevitable. Recruitment of new gullible investors will only prolong CashFX Group’s collapse.

Not paying out for a month without explanation isn’t an “unwavering focus on diligence”, it’s CashFX Group withdrawals exceeding new investment to the point of failure.

What happens in the meantime is unclear.

Accompanying the announcement today is an internal communication from “PowerTeam Support”, advising no more social media updates.

We stop posting any new contend [sic] in social media as today because of those not plug in to the system or leadership, only those who bough [sic] a trade academy package and the only interest is why my withdrawal request is not complete.

But rather looking for information better go in social media and go against the company.

In another leaked communication relating to potential terminations, CashFX Group Master Distributor Justin Halladay wrote, “it’s about time CFX stood up to the abuse on social media”.