There is no information on the Casharead website indicating who owns or runs the business.

The Casharead website domain (“”) was registered on the 26th of August 2013, however the domain registration is set to private.

One thing that struck me as odd was the inclusion of the word “paluwagan” in the Casharead website meta keywords:


Paluwagan refers to an investment scheme that originated out of the Philippines. In a nutshell, a group of people play an operator a fixed sum of money periodically. Over a pre-designated period of time, the money in the fund is paid out to one of the participants until everyone has been paid.

The use of this specific words indicated that the owner(s) of Casharead are likely based out of the Philippines, or at the very least are of Philippine descent.

Further research revealed that the Casharead support services are tied to the Yahoo messenger account “naglarok”:


In October of 2012 a Jeffrey Manalaysay used the following advertising copy to market the Alliance in Motion MLM opportunity on Facebook:


For more information and detailed explanation, please call or text JEFFREY @ 09179102010 YM: naglarok.


With “YM” of course standing for Yahoo Messenger and the same account name being used, it appears Jeffrey Manalaysay (right) is the admin behind Casharead.

On his Facebook profile, Manalaysay lists his location as Pangasinan, a province of the Philippines. Manalaysay also has links to the well-known but now collapsed Ponzi schemes Profit Clicking and Just Been Paid.

Read on for a full review of the Casharead MLM business opportunity.

The Casharead Product Line

Casharead has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only being able to market affiliate membership to the company itself. Affiliates are able to purchase positions in the Casharead compensation plan, with the company bundling advertising credits and access to an ebook library with each position.

Advertising is available from Casharead as a non-affiliate, however this is a company-direct offer and has nothing to do with the MLM side of the business.

The Casharead Compensation Plan

Casharead use a revenue sharing and matrix hybrid compensation plan, with commissions dependent on affiliate investments into either component.

Matrix Commissions

Casharead uses 2×2 matrices for the matrix commissions, charging affiliates $8 per position.

A 2×2 matrix places an affiliate at the top of the matrix, with two positions directly under them which in turn branch out into another two positions.


This makes for a total of six matrix positions to be filled, at which point the position at the top of the matrix “cycles” and pays out $13.50. An affiliate who cycles out of a 2×2 matrix is also then placed into a new 2×2 matrix, at which point the process repeats itself.

Note that Casharead also pay $2 per recruited affiliate who purchases a matrix position.

Revenue Sharing

Revenue sharing positions in Casharead cost $10, with the company openly advertising a guaranteed ROI of 120% per investment made ($12).

Casharead state they use a ‘1.6% Daily Plan, where we pay you 1.6% of your deposit daily (except Sundays) for 75 days‘.

Referral commissions are also offered on investments made by recruited affiliates, paying out 10% of the amount invested.

Note that affiliates must purchase at least one matrix position if they wish to participate in the company’s revenue sharing scheme.

Joining Casharead

Affiliate membership to Casharead is free, however free affiliates are only able to earn $1 per recruited affiliate who goes on to purchase positions in the compensation plan.


With no retailable products or services and the offering of what is obviously an affiliate-funded investment scheme, Casharead clearly fits the definition of an unsustainable Ponzi scheme.

No doubt inspired by admin Jeffrey Manalaysay’s participation in similar Ponzi schemes, he builds on what he learnt there with the introduction of a recruitment-driven pyramid scheme.

The matrix component of Casharead are clearly recruitment driven, required new affiliate recruitment (and injection of funds into the scheme) to keep them cycling.

Once new affiliate recruitment dries up the matrices effectively stall, leaving everyone high and dry. That’s if the monopoly money positions created with each cycle for existing members don’t starve the scheme dry first.

And it goes without saying that without new $10 investments being made, despite guaranteeing a daily 1.6% ROI, without said new investments Casharead has no money to pay anybody out with.

One scheme, twice the collapse.