Since his September 14th appearance before the SEC, Trevon James has been awfully quiet on social media.

In his first YouTube video since the appearance, James has confirmed the SEC has gagged him from talking publicly about what was discussed.

In the weeks leading up to his appearance James, who is believed to have stolen well over a million dollars through BitConnect, had been posting on social media daily.

Regarding his appearance before the SEC, in a September 21st video titled “After My SEC Testimony” James states;

[8:07] Yeah I went but I’m not – they said I can’t talk about it.

I really want to talk about it though but it’s best not to, y’know, swing at the beehive.

After deliberating for a few moments on whether or not to say anything further, James states only that the SEC’s New York office was “very intimidating”.

In addition to the SEC’s investigation into BitConnect, James is also a person of interest in a concurrent FBI criminal investigation.

Pending action by US authorities, specific details of either BitConnect investigation are at this stage unclear.