Quantum Supremacy is run as part of one of Alexander (Alex) Loyd’s websites (“dralexwholelifehealing.com”).

Lloyd styles himself as a Doctor, through a PHD ND (Naturopathic Doctor).

Lloyd’s website links to Quantum Nutritional Life (“quantumnutrtionallife.com”), which is owned and operated by Larry Napier.

Napier and Lloyd appear on Quantum Supremacy webinars together. As far as I can tell they are the two principals behind Quantum Supremacy.

Their respective roles within the company however are not clarified.

To the best of my knowledge Quantum Supremacy is both Alex Loyd and Larry Napier’s first MLM opportunity.


Update 26th April 2020 – I’ve received confirmation that prior to Quantum Supremacy, Larry Napier was promoting the OneCoin Ponzi scheme.

Napier was part of Denis Murdock’s team of US OneCoin promoters (2018-2019). /end update


Read on for a full review of Quantum Supremacy.

Quantum Supremacy’s Products

Quantum Supremacy market hologram wristbands.

As per Quantum Supremacy’s marketing;





A Quantum Supremacy wirstband retails for $200. A three-pack is also available for $500.

According to Larry Napier’s Quantum Nutritional Life website, the wristbands were created by Mike Flint.

Flint (right) is a strength and conditioning coach by trade.

Quantum Supremacy claim their wristbands can increase physical performance, assist with cellular rejuvenation and health protection.

Quantum Supremacy’s wristbands are not FDA approved to treat, cure or manage any medical conditions.

Any claims the company makes on its website about its wristbands are not backed by peer-reviewed evidence.

Quantum Supremacy’s Compensation Plan

Quantum Supremacy affiliates are paid on the sale of wristbands to retail customers and recruited affiliates.

Quoted commissions on personal sales to retail customers and recruited affiliates are $30 and $70.

Although not clarified, I believe these amounts correspond to the sale of a single wristband (retail: $200) and the triple pack (retail: $500).

Sales by personally recruited affiliates pay $5 and $10.

Residual Commissions

Quantum Supremacy pays residual commissions via what appears to be a 2-up compensation structure, tracked via a unilevel team.

A unilevel compensation structure places an affiliate at the top of a unilevel team, with every personally recruited affiliate placed directly under them (level 1):

If any level 1 affiliates recruit new affiliates, they are placed on level 2 of the original affiliate’s unilevel team.

If any level 2 affiliates recruit new affiliates, they are placed on level 3 and so on and so forth down a theoretical infinite number of levels.

The 2-up nature of the compensation plan sees an affiliate pass up commissions generated by their first two recruits.

Quantum Supremacy affiliates are paid from their third recruit onward, as well as their generated downlines (capped down five levels).

  • $7 and $15 is paid on level 1 (personally recruited affiliates from the third recruit)
  • $6 and $15 is paid on level 2
  • $5 and $10 is paid on levels 3 to 5

Recruited affiliates must also pass up their first two recruits, thus making it possible to earn pass-up commissions down a theoretical infinite number of unilevel team levels.

Joining Quantum Supremacy

Quantum Supremacy affiliate membership costs $80.

The company charges $50 and takes the remaining $30 from an affiliate’s first commission payment.


Every now and then an MLM company comes along hocking these stupid hologram products.

Over the years we’ve covered CieAura, LivinItGlobal, , OXO and Aegea (now Energentics).

Bottom line?

If there was an ounce of evidence to these plastic holograms providing any medical benefits to the human body, there’d be medical studies supporting the claims.

There aren’t. And why there aren’t should be obvious.

Like every hologram product, Quantum Supremacy’s look like something you can find on Alibaba for a few dollars. That said, I did run a quick search and didn’t find anything obvious.

Plenty of similar looking hologram wristbands though, many of which start at less than a dollar a piece.

In an attempt to pseudo-compliance there way out of an FDA investigation, Quantum Supremacy’s website states:

The phrases on this website that coincide with medical terms such as diagnosis, patient/client, therapy, treatment and healing are not to be interpreted in a legal sense.

I’m sorry, what?

Yes we make a bunch of unsubstantiated medical claims and use medical terms but… we’re not using them in a legal sense. K?

That’s not how regulation works.

And anyway, all it takes is a few quick searches to obliterate any pseudo-compliance Quantum Supremacy puts up:

What you’ll note there is those claims pertain to the “Halo”, a product featured on Loyd’s website but not available through Quantum Supremacy (at least not openly).

I believe the hologram wriststraps are a stepping stone to the much more expensive Halo products.

Halo is essentially a magic flashlight.

You load Halo up with a vial, shine it on whatever and… closed cells become open, something something you’re cured of everything.

Here, I’ll let Alex Loyd and Larry Napier explain it was per their respective websites:

Open-Cells CANNOT Get SICK!

CLOSED-Cells On The Other Hand Not Only CAN Get Sick, They are the ONLY-Cells That DO Get Sick.

The Lack of Nutrition and The Inability to eliminate waste causes The-Membrane of a Closed Cell to lose its ability to protect the cell. As a result Germs, Bacteria and Viruses can more easily enter the cell.

This INVASION Causes Sickness and Disease.

Remember, a molecule’s only entrance is through the gateways of OPEN-Cells.

That’s a Real-Problem because A Closed Cell Needs Desperately To… (open).

Apparently Halo emits “quantum-photons” which, according to the marketing, “exists in another realm.”

These quantum photons are supposedly generated when light shines through the supplied vials:

You take your unit, select a specific vial, place it in the unit and then shine the light into the water.

The violet light going through the botanical vial “charges” the water with the harmonics of the various botanicals.

When you use the HALO-charged water you will notice so many health benefits.

The vials are designed to last for 100 years and do not need to be refilled or replaced.

Here are some of the vials Loyd sells on his website:

AL – Ageless Vial
BR – Breathe Relief Vial
D – Detox Vial
DB – Doc In A Box Vial
NO – Nitric Oxide Vial
SL – Sleep Vial
SR – Stress Reduction Vial
ST – Stem Cell Vial
TE – Telomere Extension Vial
WS – Water Structure Vial

And here’s the real kicker; a basic Halo Ultra Blue unit sells for $4997.

The Halo Max Professional Unit sells for… $19,997.

I know that was a deep rabbit hole to follow me down, but hopefully that gives you an idea of where Quantum Supremacy is likely to take you.

Taking a step back (and a deep breath), let’s return to Quantum Supremacy.

Quantum Supremacy affiliates are forced to purchase wristbands:

Given the pricing and ridiculous premise, I’d be surprised if there were any legitimate retail customers.

What you’re likely going to find is a unilevel team full of affiliates. Commissions are thus tied to recruitment, making Quantum Supremacy a pyramid scheme.

And if you think I’m exaggerating on any of this, grab some popcorn and read Larry Napier’s Quantum Supremacy pitch. Even his compensation presentation is hilariously bad.

While Quantum Supremacy operating as a pyramid scheme is definitely something to keep in mind, personally I’d be more concerned about an FDA/FTC investigation.

Looks like one is long overdue.


Update 16th October 2023 – Not sure when Quantum Supremacy collapsed but its website was recently taken offline.