big-money-matrix-logoPerhaps trying to cash in on the ‘it costs you nothing to join so what do you have to lose?!’ nonsense Wazzub has been pushing these last few months, Big Money Matrix hilariously bandy about an earnings potential of $10,000.

The catch?

You’d need to have one million people in your downline.

Read on for a full review of the Big Money Matrix MLM opportunity.

The Company

The Big Money Matrix website names an ‘Otton Acosta’ as its admin however the domain ‘’ is registered to a ‘Rui Hua Chen’ operating out of Guangdong in China.

The email address Rui Hua Chen has registered the domain with ‘’ has in the past been associated with the name ‘Steven Levitt.

The name Otton Acosta has in the past been used to promote the matrix-based recruitment scam ‘Top Matrix’ ( while the name Steven Levitt was used to push similar scam ‘Work 4 a Buck’ (

If I didn’t know any better, I’d say what we have here is some guy in China using fake westernized names to try to add some credibility to various recruitment based opportunities he’s launched.

The Big Money Matrix Product Line

In exchange for signing up to Big Money Matrix, the company appears to promise members access to ebooks and some Private Label Rights articles (able to be resold).

No further information is provided.

The Big Money Matrix Compensation Plan

The Big Money Matrix uses a matrix structure compensation plan. Unless I’m missing something the company fails to provide the specifics of the size of the matrix, but they state that they pay out a commission down 7 levels.

The commission?

A once off payout of 1 cent per member that enters your matrix.

Members enter your matrix when you recruit them or someone in your upline or downline does.

Joining Big Money Matrix

Membership to Big Money Matrix is free. The company claims it takes about thirty seconds to sign up and that’s all that’s required to participate.


Apart from the fact that Big Money Matrix appears to be run by some guy in China under a fake name, the two major problems with the opportunity are

  1. the ridiculously low payout for the amount of effort involved and
  2. the lack of clarity as to where the payout money comes from

The first point can be illustrated by looking at Big Money Matrix’s minimum payout amount. At $25, this requires 2,500 to be recruited into your downline (by you or your upline/downline).

Assuming that this is going to take people some time, seriously for $25 why on Earth would you bother?

The second point is more amusing than cause for concern. With figures of $10,000 being advertised as potential income and a complete lack of information provided about what their revenue source is (it appears to be non-existent advertising), if Big Money Matrix had to start seriously paying out its members, where on Earth are they going to get the money from?

When you consider the company proclaims that

You will NEVER have to pay a cent – this is a totally FREE matrix. We will NEVER send you emails or ask you to do ANYTHING – that’s it!

it all becomes a bit of a joke really.

Protip for our Chinese scammer friends: If you’re going to try and convince people to run around recruiting new members, you’re probably going to want to pay them more than 1c per new member recruited.

Oh, and you probably don’t want to calling your company Big Money Matrix either when it obviously isn’t.