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BLGM investors file complaints with Hong Kong police

Last month saw the arrest of Better Living Global Marketing mastermind, Luke Teng. Teng, along with four female investors have yet to be charged, but police have raided BLGM’s offices and collected scores of evidence. While they’ve been going over it all and building a case, increasing numbers of investors have been filing complaints with local [Continue reading…]

Better Living Global Marketing raided, Luke Teng arrested?

Last we checked in with Better Living Global Marketing, it’s owner, Luke Teng, was attempting to solicit new investors to cover the scheme’s “cash flow problems“. In his efforts to schmooze potential investors, Teng (right) made all sorts of claims – one of which was the revelation that he was “seriously considering” taking Better Living public. Better [Continue reading…]

Teng: Better Living Global Marketing has “cash flow problems”

Like all Ponzi schemes, the going is good until the money runs out. Better Living Global Marketing launched in the shadow of the $850M Ponzi scheme, Zeek Rewards. From his hidey-hole in Hong Kong, Luke Teng headed up the company. Teng oversaw investors pump $1175 sums into the scheme on the promise recruitment commissions and 99 day [Continue reading…]

Better Living Global Marketing bid inflation woes

One of the problems with the Ponzi points MLM business model Zeek Rewards pioneered is that, when combined with a penny auction front, sooner or later affiliates wind up re-investing in an extraordinary amount of bids. Due to the expiring nature of the Ponzi points model, this re-invest in bids is a daily occurrence, resulting [Continue reading…]

Better Living Global Marketing Review: 99 day ROIs

Better Living Global Marketing’s penny auction business launched in August of 2012 and are based out of Hong Kong in China. On the Better Living Global Marketing website, the company states that it’s ‘a subsidiary of MSP Power Marketing‘. For reasons unknown, the Better Living Global Marketing website has a boatload of information on MSP [Continue reading…]