basic-reset-logoBehindMLM reviewed Basic Reset late last year in December. The compensation plan looked good and the products fit their purpose, but what caught our eye were medical claims and testimonials published on the Basic Reset website.

Further research revealed Basic Reset affiliates making all sorts of claims in their own marketing material.

We highlighted this as a potential red-flag, as historically the FDA frown upon such claims in MLM advertising. Regardless of whether an MLM company or its affiliates make the claims, it is usually the MLM company who attracts the attention of the FDA.

Following publication of our review last December, the FDA purportedly paid Basic Reset a visit.

The FDA visit was discussed in a Basic Reset corporate call recently hosted on March 3rd. As reported by affiliate Randy Steen, you’re not going to believe the outcome.Basic Reset owner Fred Kaufman wasn’t on the call himself, with Steen explaining

[9:50] right now he’s in his car, driving to the airport post office with orders of Vibrant.

Nonetheless Steen takes it upon himself to “talk about what he (Kaufman) was going to talk about”.

After briefly gushing about the earning potential and products in Basic Reset, Steen goes on to address concerns about non FDA approved medical claims on the Basic Reset website.

[16:56] I wanna tell you about something that Fred was gunna tell you about. And I want you to all pay close attention to this.

[17:08] I want you to really pay close attention to this because folks, this is probably one of the largest, most exiting things you’re ever gunna hear about in this industry.

[17:40] What you always hear about in this industry is something that people worry about all the time.

They’re afraid that somebody’s gunna say something out there, or somebody’s gunna do something, or the company’s going to have some printed material that doesn’t look quite right… and they’re really concerned that there’s an organization called the FDA, (who) is gunna come in and shut the company down.

As a matter of fact, the FDA and the FTC just recently did go in and shut down a company and almost ruined the company.

Steen goes on to reference the FTC’s recent shutting down of Vemma, which the regulator alleges is a $200 million dollar pyramid scheme.

The FDA took no part in the action, so I’m not sure why Steen claims they were involved.

[18:29] Not too long ago there was some riffraff out there about some fellow that’s got a website out there called “Behind the MLM news”.

And he said he looked at our company. He said, “Boy, this Basic Reset is quite a company.”

As a matter of fact he went so far as to say that he looked at everything and he couldn’t see anything wrong except maybe one thing.

Because of our testimonies that are on our website he thought, “Well, maybe they could run the risk of being shut down by the Food and Drug Administration”.

Well let me tell you something, while you were all working today… or yesterday, let’s put it this way, yesterday.

While you were all out talking to people and sharing, there was a knock on our door. And it was called the Food and Drug Administration and they showed up on a surprise visit.

And they went through us with pretty much doing everything but giving us a colonoscopy (laughs).

They looked at everything we had, including every testimony we have on our website. They looked at all of the products we have and here’s what’s really interesting…

As this lady from the FDA was looking at the testimonies, Fred was showing her the testimonies because she wanted to see them, the first two testimonies that are on that page are Laura Dodd and Lynda Hatcher.

These two testimonies are the same I used as an example in our Basic Reset review.

Dodd claims Basic Reset products healed her of numbness related to Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyradiculoneuropathy.

Hatcher claims taking Basic Reset products meant she no longer had to take 26 medications she was on for coronary and pulmonary dysfunctions and deterioration, asthma and allergy issues, MS, hot flashes, bladder enigmas, kidney and gall stones, brain chemistry issues and memory loss, vertigo, spastic colon, constipation, acid reflux, nausea, and blood disorders.

[19:53] And those are testimonies that are pretty doggone impressive.

And the FDA (lady) looked at it and she says, “My gosh, that’s absolutely amazing!'”

And you know what’s really cool, there was nothing wrong with any of the testimonies on our site.

You know what’s really cool? We got flying colors, absolutely 100%, everything’s a-ok, from the Food and Drug Administration.

[20:30] Do you know how important that is?

They (the FDA) don’t visit network marketing companies, but they visited us.

[20:50] They (the FDA) did visit us about four years ago (too) and went over everything with a fine-tooth comb and we were fine then too.

We passed an FDA inspection with flying colors.

Despite Steen’s claims, the Basic Reset website still carries an FDA disclaimer stating otherwise.

[21:00] Now let me tell you something else that’s really exciting about this.

We are actually, the (FDA) lady’s bringing back the forms, she said, “I think you guys should be registered with the FDA”.

And guess what? We’re going to be registered with the FDA.

To what extent the accuracy of Steen’s claims verbatim is, I can’t say. But it would make Basic Reset the first company I recall that has received FDA approval for medical claims.

Steen wastes no time capitalizing on this, instructing affiliates on how to respond to queries about FDA approval of the medical testimonies featured on the Basic Reset website.

[21:14] So now when people ask you about our company, you can literally say, “The FDA’s been to our house, knocked on our door and we passed that thing with flying colors.”

We are absolutely 100% a-ok as far as the FDA is concerned. Not only that, we are a registered company with the FDA.

Now I want you to know how powerful that is in this industry. I’ve never, in my forty-one plus years that I’ve been in this industry, have I ever been with a company that was inspected by the FDA. Never!

We were. Twice.

Not because we had complaints, not because there was anything wrong, it was simply a routine inspection. But they don’t tell you when they’re coming.

Guys and gals this is probably one of the most powerful things that you’ll hear about any company. Because you can honestly say and tell people, if they ask you, “What about those testimonies?”

“No problem, they looked at them. The FDA, they looked at them, they’re fine. Not a problem.”

It is only then, some five and a half minutes into Steen gushing about Basic Reset’s FDA approval, that he reveals what his claims are based on.

[22:21] You see if there would have been a problem they would have said we had to remove them (the testimonials).

We don’t have to remove any of them. They’re all a-ok. And all of our products passed.

Long-time readers of BehindMLM will recognize this as a variation of the “if we were illegal, we would have been shut down” argument.

It appears Steen and Basic Reset have manipulated into “if we weren’t FDA approved, they’d have shut us down”.

The possibility of an ongoing FDA investigation doesn’t appear to have crossed their minds.

Not that the prospect of an FDA investigation seems to bother Steen, who even goes on to claim the FDA investigator who purportedly rocked up to Basic Reset’s office was “personally” interested in their products.

[22:30] The (FDA) lady that asked us, that was there looking at our stuff and looked at the testimonies and said “that’s absolutely astounding!”, is asking about our products.

And I’m not talking about asking necessarily about our products as far as she’s asking question as far as the FDA’s concerned, she’s personally asking about our products.

Well, to me that’s a pretty exciting thing. And that to me is some of the biggest news, one of the biggest news hits that you’re, or news releases should we say, that you’re gunna ever hear in this industry.

I’ll say. An FDA investigator giving an MLM company and it’s products the all-clear, and then expressing an interest in purchasing the products on a personal level?

Holy crap that’s ground-breaking for the industry!

[23:10] What you normally hear is, “Oh my god I hope they (the FDA) don’t do something and come and shut us down.”

Well, they didn’t shut us down. Because you see we’re doing things the right way.

You heard it here first folks. Basic Reset and their products are FDA approved, and so good that even FDA agents express personal interest in the products on official agency inspections.

Roll out the medical claims and testimonials one Basic Reset affiliate and all!