Bank of America has secured an $831,505.83 default judgment against Tori Belle.

BoA’s lawsuit was filed in September 2022. In their complaint, BoA alleged non-payment of a $500,000 credit debt.

Tori Belle opened up their BoA credit account in July 2021. By early 2022 Tori Belle had hit the $500,000 credit limit, and an additional $243,573.19 in credit card debt.

Tori Belle had stopped making monthly payments to BoA by mid 2022.

In June 2022 BoA notified Tori Belle it was in default “and demanded payment of the past due amounts”.

BoA also closed the credit account and informed Tori Belle that, while no additional charges would accrue, they were still liable for the outstanding balance.

As per a supporting declaration filed on December 6th, 2022;

The outstanding balance owed to BANA by (Tori Belle) … is $500,000 in principal on the Line of Credit, plus interest in the amount of $9,291.66, plus $3697.76 in field examination expenses, plus the balance on the Card Account of $243,573.19, for a total outstanding balance of $756,562.61.

Tori Belle was served BoA’s complaint on August 3rd, 2022. Owners Laura Hunter and Robert Kitzberger were served on August 4th.

All three parties failed to file a response to BoA’s complaint.

This promoted BoA to file for default judgment on December 6th. The court granted BoA’s motion on December 7th.

Tori Belle’s parent company LashLiner filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in August 2022. The proceedings don’t appear to have any effect on BoA’s lawsuit and judgment.