Intelligence Prime Capital has a laundry list of red flags, one of which is it ripping off AvaTrade’s website and regulatory licenses.

To explain this away, investors claim Intelligence Prime Capital has white labeled AvaTrade’s services.

The problem is there’s no proof of this partnership.

To get to the bottom of this, a BehindMLM reader reached out to AvaTrade for answers.

According to a February 17th email from “the AvaTrade team”, there is no partnership between AvaTrade and Intelligence Prime Capital.

Our company is not a partner of Intelligence Prime Capital. We have no relation to them.

I want to stress that even if there was a partnership, that doesn’t permit Intelligence Prime Capital to appropriate AvaTrade’s regulatory licenses.

Intelligence Prime Capital itself would still need to register with financial regulators, which they haven’t in any case. The company operates illegally worldwide.

In related news, I’m aware of Intelligence Prime Capital disabling investor accounts. For those who still have active accounts, daily returns have been slashed in the last 24 hours.

A few days ago Intelligence Prime Capital acknowledged withdrawal issues. They blamed it on “MT4 server congestion”.

Even if we pretend Intelligence Prime Capital isn’t a Ponzi scheme, blaming withdrawal issues on a trading server makes no sense.

If anyone wants to send in examples of account closures and/or withdrawal issues for a follow up, that’d be appreciated.