I’d initially intended to cover NewAge Beverages’ acquisition of Ariix after reviewing Zennoa.

Zennoa came up for review today, only for me to discover I’d previously reviewed the company.

Last month Ariix announced it was “partnering” with NewAge Beverages Corporation.

A press-release however reveals NewAge has wholly acquired Ariix, including Ariix’s own acquisitions over the last few years.

NewAge Beverages Corporation owns Noni by NewAge, formerly Tahitian Noni.

As per Ariix’s press-release FAQs;

NewAge Beverages Corporation, the Colorado-based healthy and organic products company, signed an definitive agreement to acquire ARIIX including the other companies that ARIIX has recently partnered with (Zennoa, Indonesian-based Shannen Global, LIMU, and DNA Wellness firm, MaVie).

Both ARIIX and Noni by NewAge will eventually share resources, assets and facilities.

The key leaders that you know and trust today are still going to be the leaders you know and trust tomorrow.

The company identity that you are affiliated with will continue in this partnership. Each company’s identity remains the same.

In addition to Zennoa, Limu and MaVie, Ariix has also acquired Asantae  in 2015 and NuCerity in 2018. There might be others I missed.

All in all NewAge Beverages Corp is now forecasting over half a billion in annual revenue. I don’t know whether the sales are there but they’ve now definitely got more than enough MLM brands under their belt.


Update September 2nd, 2022 – NewAge has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.