A few months ago we covered Amazing Living’s apparent unregistered securities offering.

So the offer went, a prepaid debit card was to be distributed to Amazing Living affiliates. Through use of the card, stock in an undisclosed company would be awarded.

The name of the company stock was to be issued from was not disclosed. And since the late April announcement, details of Amazing Living’s debit card stock offering have since been wiped from the internet.

Now the company is back with a new stock offering, tweaked and this time with a little more disclosure.

Amazing Living’s new stock offering appears to have come about late last month, with implementation going live on July 1st.

Here’s how Amazing Living pitch their “stock rewards program” on their website;

Amazing Living allows affiliates to receive shares of stock in Amazing Living’s parent company, Xalles Holdings Inc. (stock symbol XALL).

Affiliate will earn Amazing Living Dollars for product purchases, sponsoring new affiliates and loyalty to the program.

Awarded Xalles Holdings stock is tracked through Amazing Living Dollars (ALDs), internal points acquired through

  1. an affiliate’s own purchases and that of their retail customers ($1 = 1 ALD
  2. recruitment of new affiliates (100 ALD each) and
  3. ongoing purchase of product each month to qualify for commissions (100 ALD every three months)

For every 1000 ALD acquired by an Amazing Living affiliate, they receive $1000 worth of Xalles Holdings stock.

In a press-release published July 12th, Xalles Holdings discloses it wholly owns Amazing Living.

Xalles Holdings Inc. (OTC: XALL), a company focusing on accelerating fintech companies, leveraging blockchain technology for financial reconciliation, and payment auditing solutions, and its wholly owned subsidiary, Amazing Living Enterprises Inc., a network marketing company focusing on enhancing financial lives through a unique compensation program for affiliates, today jointly announce a significant change to the Amazing Living Affiliate Program with the addition of a Stock Rewards Program.

Here’s where things get messy.

Xalles Holdings is registered with the SEC, however their last regulatory filing was back in November, 2017.

Signed by CEO and President Thomas Nash, Xalles Holdings filed a Form 15.

SEC Form 15 is a voluntary filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), also known as the Certification and Notice of Termination of Registration.

It is used by publicly traded companies to revoke the registration of their securities.

So as of right now, Xalles Holdings has no securities offering registered with the SEC. That includes anything offered through Amazing Living.

So on top of pyramid recruitment and pay to play, Amazing Living and Xalles Holding are again seemingly engaged in the offering of unregistered securities.

Amazing Living affiliates are rewarded with virtual points for spending money within the company and recruiting new affiliates.

These points are accumulated and then turned into Xalles Holdings shares.

Which one can safely assume, one way or another, is management offloading their own shares.

None of which has been disclosed or registered with the SEC.

And even if we ignore that (and I strongly suggest you don’t), there’s still the question of why anyone would want Xalles Holdings stock.

As I write this XALL is valued at 5.9 cents. That’s down from a peak of $2.50 back in March.

By early April XALL was down 90 cents or so from its peak, before crashing to less than 50 cents by the end of the month.

Between May and now there’s been a steady decline, probably due to the fact Amazing Living hasn’t gone anywhere and Xalles Holdings doesn’t appear to have any other active business interests.

But uh yeah, sounds like a great offer. Just keep an eye out for the SEC hey.