Amazing Living launched late last year and combined soursop tea with affiliate autoship recruitment.

Alexa statistics for the Amazing Living website suggest that after an initial recruitment boom, the company went into rapid decline.

In what appears to be an attempt to revive Amazing Living, National Sales Trainer Larry Williams has appeared in a “concept video”.

The video, titled “Larry Williams – Amazing Living – “Brand New Concept Video””, was uploaded to William’s personal YouTube channel on April 27th.

According to Williams, Amazing Living is now ‘embarking on something that has never been done before in human history‘.

[0:25] We’re gunna take an everyday prepaid debit card and we’re gunna link it to a publicly traded company.

So when you make your everyday purchases, on your goods and services from your favorite store, pumping your favorite gas, you’re actually gunna earn stock.

Not a stock option, but free trading stocks.  Stock that you can accumulate, or you can turn it and sell and take the cash.

Williams does not disclose the name of the publicly traded company.

Regardless, this card is available through the Amazing Living MLM opportunity, which means Amazing Living itself are issuing shares.

According to a “legal disclaimer” published on the Amazing Living website, participation in Amazing Living ‘shall in all respects be governed by the laws of the state of Florida, U.S.

At the time of publication, a search of the SEC’s Edgar database turns up nothing for Amazing Living or any derivative.

This means that any share offering by Amazing Living, be it in a third-party publicly traded company or otherwise, constitutes an unregistered securities offering.

[1:00] This has potential of going up. You could actually have some shares or stock that’s worth $10 today, worth $20 tomorrow.

[1:10] We need your help, as an affiliate, we need hundreds and thousands of affiliates to help us pass these (debit) cards out. To get people signed up for this prepaid card.

[1:30] As an affiliate you’ll be able to earn, also stock rewards too, but you’ll be able to earn a commission.

The commission will be paid on the purchase of products and services specifically tied to Amazing Living, which at the time of publication is the soursop tea.

Basically Amazing Living are passing on a percentage of the commission they receive from the debit card issuer on use of the card to affiliates.

This is potentially a recruitment commission, as the original Amazing Living business model had little to no retail focus.

William’s video suggests the debit card stock concept has yet to launch. There’s no information on when it will actually launch, with prospective affiliates told simply to sign up and “position” themselves.

If Amazing Living does go ahead and start offering affiliates shares, how long before the opportunity pops up on the SEC’s radar remains to be seen.


Update 9th July 2018 – As of the time of this update, the video referenced in this article has been deleted from Larry Williams’ YouTube channel.