AdShareMega initially launched in December 2013 but due to a lack of affiliates signing up, was put back into prelaunch till late January 2014.

There’s no mention of who is running AdShareMega on the company’s website, however the company’s website domain (“”) names a “William Brown” as the owner.

The AdShareMega website domain was registered on the 26th of July 2013 and an address in the US state of Ohio is also provided.

Read on for a full review of the AdShareMega MLM business opportunity.

The AdShareMega Product Line

AdShareMega has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market membership to the company itself.

Once signed up, affiliates are able to purchase $10 positions in the company’s compensation plan. Bundled with each of these positions are a series of advertising credits that can be used to display advertising on the AdShareMega website.

The AdShareMega Compensation Plan

The AdShareMega compensation plan revolves around affiliates purchasing $10 positions, which earn them a revenue-sharing ROI and matrix position.

Each $10 position is split $7 / $3 between revenue-sharing and a matrix position.

The revenue-sharing position pays out “1% every hour” until the position has generated $11. In order to qualify for their daily ROI, AdShareMega affiliates must view 5 company-supplied websites a day.

The matrix position typically requires positions to be bought under it, however AdShareMega provide no information on their website as to what size matrix they use.

Once enough matrix positions have been bought though, the company advertises a $4 cycle commission.

Referral commissions are available on funds invested by recruited affiliates, paying 8% on level 1 (personally recruited affiliates) and 4% on level 2 (their recruits).

Joining AdShareMega

Affiliate membership to AdShareMega is free, however affiliates must purchase ad pack positions (min $10) if they wish to withdraw any commissions.


Rate of earnings may vary from day-to-day as amounts given to each share are related to how many shares are active, and how much advertising services have been sold.

The above pretty much spells out AdShareMega’s Ponzi scheme business model, with the company simply taking newly invested affiliate money and paying out existing investors with it.

If newly invested affiliate money slows up, so too does the ROI the company promises ($11 at a rate of 1% per hour).

Amusingly AdShareMega seem to be a little confused about what exactly they’re advertising. The company’s “Terms and Conditions” state:


Yet when you visit the company website, the first thing you see is an advertised “1% revenue every hour”:


The AdShareMega FAQ also states

You earn 1% after every hour until you reach $11 revenue share on each ad pack.

But yeah, totally not a “guarantee”. Right.

Meanwhile I’m not 100%  sure if the same guy but, back in 2012, a William Brown was going hard pimping out Zeek Rewards on Google Plus.

What with Zeek Rewards being the biggest Ponzi scheme in US history, if it’s the same William Brown and with AdShareMega being as obvious a Ponzi as they come, where Brown drew his inspiration from is pretty clear…

Like all Ponzi schemes though, once that new affiliate money slows up – kaboom!