There is no information on the AdGoggle website indicating who owns or runs the business.

The domain ‘’ was registered on the 17th October 2011, however the domain registration information is set to private.

As always, if a MLM company is not openly upfront about who is running or owns it, think long and hard about joining and/or handing over any money.

The AdGoggle Product Line

AdGoggle has no retailable products or services, instead the company and its members promote a free mobile app.

This AdGoggle app is an advertising platform that, as far as I can tell, overlays itself on the users mobile browser while they are browsing the internet, displaying ads from the AdGoggle advertising network.

The AdGoggle Compensation Plan

AdGoggle charge no membership fees and as such members generate revenue for the company when they and other AdGoggle members click ads.

Third party advertisers pay to display ads on the AdGoggle network and for each click recorded through the AdGoggle mobile app, the company shares advertising revenue with its members.

How much of the advertising revenue will be shared is at this point undetermined:

At this point in time AdGoggle has yet to finalize its payout percentage ratio. We will finalize this when we launch.

I suspect this is due to actual advertising revenue being currently only theoretical.

Residual income wise AdGoggle are using a unilevel style MLM compensation structure that places you at the top and everyone you’ve recruited directly beneath you (your first level).

In turn, anyone recruited by your first level is placed on your second level and so on and so forth. Again, no specifics have yet been released on how much of a percentage will be paid on downline ad clicks or how deep in the unilevel.

Citing downline figures of around 5,000 though, one would assume the commissions AdGoggle project they will pay out on the unilevel will be quite deep level wise.

Finally AdGoggle also have what they’re calling the “Platinum 1000” club, which will be composed of the first 1,000 people in AdGoggle to have a downline of 5,000 or more members.

As a reward for being part of the Platinum 1000 club, AdGoggle will assign members who sign up through the AdGoggle site without a referral ID to the downlines of Platinum 1000 club members. Presumably this will be done at random.

Joining AdGoggle

Membership to AdGoggle is free, with the company stating that

It’s free of charge to sign up for the AdGoggle Prelaunch, and free of charge after we launch. Signup is ALWAYS going to be free.

Also, there will be no fees charged or payments required at any point in time.


The success of AdGoggle primarily revolves around three concepts, the first being the ongoing recruitment of new members, the second these members clicking ads and the third the attraction of third-party advertisers to fund it all.

With no membership fees or cost to members, despite heavily marketing the need to go and recruit as many people as possible this isn’t really a concern. That said, AdGoggle are quite heavily promoting the magical number of a 5,000 strong downline:

You can realistically earn USD 1,000-1,500 every month. You just need to get 100 friends to sign up here (it’s free). If each of these 100 friends in turn gets 50 of their friends to sign up, YOUR AdGoggle network will now total 5,100 people.

It will be difficult for you to invite and sign up 5000 people directly under you. But if you can just get 100 people to sign up, and these 100 people, who also want to grow their networks, in turn invite and sign up just 50 people each, you’ll have a 5,100 person network in no time.

This “recruit 5,000 people” theme is heavily promoted by AdGoggle but realistically everyone that joins isn’t going to reach this target (there aren’t enough people on the planet, let alone using the internet).

That said it’s important to understand why they’re doing this, and that’s because more members = more convincing numbers to show potential advertisers.

The problem?

Value wise there’s not much in it for the advertisers. AdGoggle members are paid each time a member clicks an ad, meaning that whereas traditionally the incentive of an ad clicker is genuine interest in whatever is being advertised (good for the advertiser), in AdGoggle’s ad network there’s a good chance ads are only being clicked to generate revenue to pay members (bad for the advertiser).

With little to no value to be found from advertisers, this in turn kills the only revenue stream AdGoggle have, meaning members won’t earn anything (or close to peanuts).

What you’re left with is a company with a ton of members and little to no revenue being generated due to a lack of advertiser value.

Yes the advertising industry is huge but all advertising is certainly not created equally when it comes to advertiser value. With members having a huge incentive to click ads and bill advertisers (that incentive being the amount of ads clicked directly corresponding to the revenue generated by AdGoggle), genuine interest in what’s being advertised is reduced greatly, if not altogether.

The most recent example of this advertising dependent MLM business model failing spectacularly was with Wazzub. Instead of a mobile app Wazzub had a search portal that featured ads, hoping that member traffic would generate enough revenue for them to share out.

Despite stating they’d start paying member back in May 2012, to date I haven’t heard of anyone being paid. Infact last I heard Wazzub were talking about some sort of private share offer where members could purchase shares in the company or something (although this has never been discussed openly by the company to date).

Wazzub allegedly attracted membership of over 6 million and couldn’t make the advertisers will pay us to click their ads model work so I’m not really seeing how just a few months later AdGoggle hope to do it with a mobile app.

Yes the platform is different but fundamentally you’re still looking at the same problems Wazzub ad, that primarily being a lack of value to advertisers.

Amusingly, AdGoggle also seem to be a little confused as to whether or not they are a MLM company or not. Taken from the AdGoggle FAQ:

When I build my AdGoggle network, does that mean I am just enriching the person who invited me and the people above me in the network?

Yes, you do enrich the people above you in the network. Likewise, people who sign up under you will in turn enrich you when their friends sign up!

However, AdGoggle does not operate like a multi-level system in any way whatsoever.

Except that they do. Simply put AdGoggle uses a unilevel MLM compensation structure, which by their own admission places people above and below you (people signing up under you). This of course creates multiple levels, hence the name multi-level marketing.

As of July 27th, AdGoggle claim they have a membership of 1,141 and have penciled in an August 28th official launch date.