There is no information on the AdExperts website indicating who owns or runs the business.

The AdExperts website domain (“”) was registered on the 12th of July 1996, listing “AD EXPERTS MEDIA LLC” as the domain owner and an address in Belize.

A Google Maps search of the address AdExperts used to register their domain, 135 Nerot Street in Belize City, does not exist.

On the AdExperts website, the company claims to have ‘partnered with a high-end Home Business Magazine called Home Business Giant‘.

Home Business Giant appears to be little more than a blog, with the domain registration for “”, registered on the 26th of June and listing a “Melinda Moore” of AdExperts Media LLC as the domain owner.

A magazine exists on the Home Business Giant website, however it appears to be little more than the rehashing of blog posts published on the site.

As with AdExperts own domain, the supplied address for the Home Business Giant website domain, 135 Davie Street in Belize City, also does not exist.

Given this I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest that in all likelihood Melinda Moore doesn’t exist either.

Curiously, the homepage of AdExperts bandyies about the name “Mathew Toren”, crediting him with being behind Home Business Giant. Toren is a fairly well known marketer who runs a series of websites amongst other things.


No mention of AdExperts is made on Toren’s Twitter feed or website properties. Additionally no mention of Toren exists on the Home Business Giant website.

Unless I’m missing something obvious, outside of the AdExperts website there is no publicly acknowledged business relationship between Matthew Toren and AdExperts, AdExperts Media LLC and Home Business Giant.

One final note, whether it indicates laziness or some attempt at a sense of humor I can’t say, but it’s noted that the supplied street name used to register AdExpert’s domain spells out Matthew Toren’s surname backwards (Nerot). AdExpert’s Income Disclaimer has also been copy and pasted from Empower Network:



As always, if an MLM company is not openly upfront about who is running or owns it, think long and hard about joining and/or handing over any money.

The AdExperts Product Line

AdExperts product offering is a 125×125 banner advertisement that is sold for $300.

Once a customer has purchased a banner, AdExperts claim they will ‘send targeted traffic to your ad for you‘.

The AdExperts Compensation Plan

The AdExperts compensation plan primarily revolves around affiliates buying positions in a matrix system, paying out commissions when enough new positions have been bought by new and existing affiliates.

Retail Commissions

When a retail customer purchases a $300 125×125 banner from AdExperts, the affiliate who made the sale is paid a 50% commission ($150).

Matrix Commissions

Residual commissions in AdExperts are paid out via the use of two reverse matrices. The Cyclone (a 2×3 matrix) and the Tornando (a 2×2 matrix).

The Cyclone matrix places an affiliate at the top of the matrix with fourteen positions under them to fill.

These positions are filled via the purchasing of compensation plan positions for $400 by either new or existing AdExpert affiliates, or the cycling out of existing affiliates from other matrices.

Being a reverse matrix, each time it fills it splits into two new matrices and every position is then moved up a level (level 3 becomes level 2 and level 2 becomes a single level 1 position).

With all positions moving up a level, the position at the top (level 1) is paid out $400. Additionally they are then re-entered into the bottom of an existing Cyclone matrix and placed into a new Tornado matrix.

The Tornado matrices are 2×2 and operate in the same manner as the Cyclone matrices.


Whereas there are three levels in a Cyclone matrix to advance through before a position cycles, in the Tornado matrices there are only two. When a position cycles out of the top of a Tornado matrix, the position pays out $7000 and another position at the bottom of an existing Tornado matrix.

Note that commissions are not paid out until an affiliate recruits two new affiliates into the scheme:

You will need to become qualified in the Cyclone Sales Funnel by introducing 2 sales associates in order to become a Sales Broker.

“Sales Broker” is the term AdExperts use to refer to their qualified affiliates who have cycled out of a Cyclone matrix at least once. The same recruitment requirement exists at the Tornado level.

Note that the AdExperts compensation plan explanation refers to the matrices as a funnel and flips them upside down. This is a gimmicky marketing explanation of what is otherwise commonly referred to as a reverse matrix, as described in my compensation plan breakdown above.

Joining AdExperts

An affiliate position in AdExperts is $400 ‘plus admin fee‘.

AdExperts don’t specify what the admin fee is, only that it ‘will vary depending on method of payment‘ used.


Right off the bat the laughable notion that retail customers are going to pay $300 for a 125×125 banner with AdExperts can be dismissed.


Two reasons. The first is that despite the company launching on September 22nd, here’s what happens if you click the “customer” link on the AdExperts website and try to buy advertising:


The second is that nobody other than participants are going to be viewing the ads “purchased” with AdExperts. And then that’s only if the affiliates (who are only there to make money) bother to visit the Home Business Giant website AdExperts have set up.

A quick glance at some of the opportunities being advertised on the Home Business Giant website reveal a stable of familiar dodgy schemes popping up. This is typical of opportunities like AdExperts as they attract participants of similar schemes who use the advertising to lure new participants into the various schemes they are already involved in.

Put all of this together and one is left with your typical matrix based recruitment game. Affiliates pump money into the scheme at $400 a pop, recruit new affiliates into the scheme who do the same (or wait for others to do the recruiting), and once enough new affiliates have joined and purchased positions, they get paid.

Despite its non-functionality, affiliates of AdExperts will no doubt claim legitimacy on the basis of retail sales. However this is easily dismissed by questioning how many non-affiliate advertising customers they have.

Unless they’ve set up a few dummy accounts themselves (in preparation for such questions), universally that answer is always “none”.

As such, AdExperts fits the definition of your typical affiliate-funded matrix-driven recruitment game tacked onto an advertising front-end pyramid scheme.

Once new participants stop being funnelled into the Cyclone matrices they stall, which in turn leads to the Tornado matrices stalling too. Trapping of course everyone’s position purchase money inside the scheme.