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Kynect Energy acquired by ACN, MLM opportunities merged

A reader let me know ACN had acquired Kynect Energy back in June. BehindMLM hadn’t reviewed Kynect Energy so I queued it up, figuring I’d cover the merger as part of the review. Today Kynect Energy came up for review. Upon heading to its still up website to begin my research, I quickly learnt that [Continue reading…]

ACN Trump lawsuit stayed till outcome of arbitration appeal

The Trump ACN lawsuit has come to a halt, following a granted stay on proceedings. On May 26th the Trump defendants filed an appeal against a decision to deny a motion to compel arbitration.

ACN and Trump denied arbitration in class-action lawsuit

ACN and Trump family defendants have failed to force arbitration in the ongoing case against them. Both the Trump family and ACN had moved to compel arbitration, with orders denying the request made on April 8th and 9th respectively.

ACN Trump lawsuit survives motion to dismiss, likely to be settled

An ACN related class-action lawsuit has survived a motion to dismiss. On July 24th RICO claims filed against the Trump family in connection to promotion of ACN were dismissed. Six counts pertaining to fraud, false advertising and unfair competition survived and remain standing.

Trump family sued in ACN related class-action

This is a bit of an odd one. Not only for the timing (there are elections in the US happening right now), but also because although the lawsuit pertains to funds lost through ACN, ACN isn’t a named defendant. Oh and the plaintiffs are four anonymous individuals. Things that make you go hmm…

ACN Review: $499 affiliate fee and services

ACN (an abbreviation for “American Communications Network”) launched all the way back in 1993, initially operating as ‘a marketing arm for a long-distance reseller called LCI Communications‘. That relationship ended in 1998 until LCI was sold off, at which point ACN broadened their product and service offering. Today ACN are involved in a number of MLM [Continue reading…]