A reader let me know ACN had acquired Kynect Energy back in June.

BehindMLM hadn’t reviewed Kynect Energy so I queued it up, figuring I’d cover the merger as part of the review.

Today Kynect Energy came up for review. Upon heading to its still up website to begin my research, I quickly learnt that Kynect Energy now exists in name only.

If you click through the “services” section on Kynect Energy’s website, you’re redirected to Stream.

Stream sold its retail operations to NRG Energy in 2019. This acquisition resulted in the new business name Kynect Energy.

As per Kynect Energy’s June 18th press-release;

ACN is excited to announce an agreement with Kynect (formerly Stream), a Dallas-based direct sales company, for the purchase of assets of Kynect.

The two organizations will begin transition processes immediately to pave the way for ACN Independent Business Owners (IBOs) and Kynect Independent Associates (IAs) to join forces and expand ACN’s global direct sales opportunity.

If you click on Kynect Energy’s “Start a Business” website link, you’re redirected to ACN IBO enrolment.

Presumably this means Kynect Energy affiliate accounts have been ported across too.

Not sure if ACN will keep Kynect Energy’s website up indefinitely. I assume they’ll just redirect the domain to ACN’s website at some point.

Anyway, as far as publishing a Kynect Energy review, doesn’t seem to be much point now.

BehindMLM’s ACN review was published in August 2014.