The Trump ACN lawsuit has come to a halt, following a granted stay on proceedings.

On May 26th the Trump defendants filed an appeal against a decision to deny a motion to compel arbitration.

On May 29th the Second Circuit granted an administration stay on proceedings while the appeal was decided.

The appeal is scheduled to be briefed on June 12th.

Separately Raj K. Patel filed a bizarre motion to intervene as a plaintiff on May 22nd.

Patel alleges President Trump and Notre Dame Law School are involved in a RICO conspiracy against him.

The conspiracy allegedly involves Vice President Pence, Emory University, the Secret Service, FBI “and other federal military and civilian agencies”.

These other knowledgeable parties are the individuals that President Trump, with or without actual knowledge, engaged in an “enterprise” with to defraud Mr. Patel and put Mr. Patel in a state of psychological warfare.

According to Patel, Trump and Notre Dame Law School misappropriated Patel’s “unique word patterns”.

Mr. Patel would like to keep the word patterns and scenario as sensitive information, but states that content of the word patterns is nonprofane and non-explicit, yet was also used to batter him via soundwaves as a part of this enterprise.

Apparently the goal of all of this was to “decrease Patel’s academic performance”.

In addition, the purpose of enterprise might be to politically target Mr. Patel, whose honor’s thesis, “Weight Loss as a Religion.”

As of May 21, 2020, the enterprise and situation is mildly ongoing and began as early as fifteen years ago, which is about the same amount of time the original plaintiffs say they have been defrauded by President Trump’s enterprise with the American Communication Network (A.C.N.).

Uh, OK then.

On May 26th the court denied Patel’s motion. He went on to file an appeal on May 27th.

Patel filed a lawsuit regarding the same subject matter in Indiana on February 10th.

The lawsuit was dismissed on February 19th. The dismissal order states Patel’s “allegations in the complaint are frivolous”.