achieve-community-logoYesterday saw an unexpected comment appear on BehindMLM, supposedly authored by an investigator with the Colorado Securities Division:

I am investigator with the Colorado Division of Securities seeking anyone from CO who has put money in with The Achieve Community.

The comment, left by “Inv. M.C. Williams”, appeared on one of BehindMLM’s Achieve Community articles and suggests that US regulators have launched an investigation into the company.

Accompanying William’s comment was an email address which, in the interests of verifying authenticity, I’ve temporarily removed. I myself sent an email to the supplied address but as of yet am still waiting on a reply.

Whether or not I’ll get one remains to be seen, as US regulators are notoriously tight-lipped about discussing open investigations. That and I’m neither an Achieve community investor or based out of Colorado.

In any event, the IP address used to publish the comment does appear to belong to the state of Colorado:


And that’s left me confident enough to put this story out there while we await further clarification.

As for M.C. Williams, he certainly seems to exist and indeed works for the Colorado Securities Division.

Without verification from William’s himself, I’m hesitant to republish his email address. I would however encourage anyone in Colorado who invested in Achieve Community get in touch with the Colorado Securities Division. They should be able to put you through to Williams.

Meanwhile in other Achieve Community news, owner Kristi Johnson has put out a new update claiming to have found a permanent payment processor.

January 21 2015
Hello Achieve Community!

The PERMANENT processor is going to be ready for us in the same time frame we had for the temporary one!

This means we can start paying people and continue doing so without any more interruptions. We will not use a temporary processor after all, we will start payouts with the permanent one.

Here’s what I can tell you now:

This processor will work for everyone in our community everyplace.

We have lots of payment options with it, and more will be added as they grow with us.

Sign up will be in your back office.

You will be able to do repurchases from your earnings in your accounts.

There is information that I will not be sharing this time around, so please don’t ask.

I will not tell you who our processor is, that information will be available only when you sign up with them.

I will not have an exact date for this until all the work is done, and then it will be announced in these updates. Until you see it here, the information is simply not available.

I’m working on us being ready next week, and it’s impossible to tell exactly, to the day, how long it will take until we do the work.

You will be informed as we go, so again, if it’s not here in the updates, it’s not available, and the information will be here when it is available.

I’m very excited about this – it’s just so much better seeing us in a long term solution and knowing that our community can keep growing and making the difference we all want to make.

I’m sincerely grateful to all of you for the patience and support you’ve shown for Achieve. I know that all the right people are with us here now.

To your success,


If Williams or any other securities investigators wind up reading this, y’all probably will want to move in sooner rather than later.

At the time of publication, there’s been no indication that Johnson or anyone in Achieve are aware they are potentially being investigated for securities fraud.

Stay tuned as this breaking story develops…


Update 23rd January 2014 – The Colorado Securities Division has since confirmed they are indeed investigating the Achieve Community.