9xProfits appears to have lost its original website domain.

At time of publication “9xprofits.com” returns a DNS error. Looking at the WHOIS record, we can see the domain status is “clientHold”.

As per ICANN, “clientHold”

is an uncommon status that is usually enacted during legal disputes, non-payment, or when your domain is subject to deletion.

9xProfits’ website domain was only registered in May and domains are typically registered for a year. This means it’s unlikely to be a payment issue.

Such to the extent a regulatory body might have played a hand in seizing the domain, this remains unclear.

9xProfits has recently been the subject of regulatory enforcement actions in New Zealand and Texas.

What is clear is 9xProfits’ backup domain, “9xprofits.org”, is still operational. This wasn’t a public website but has since replaced the disabled .COM.

A visit to 9xProfits’ new domain reveals the following promo banner:

In BehindMLM’s original September 2023 9xProfits review, we noted a fictional executive trading bot Ponzi scheme. It seems serial MLM crypto Ponzi fraudster Ron Cartey is now involved.

BehindMLM first came across Cartey as the CEO of BNB Robot in 2022. Like 9xProfits, BNB Robot was an MLM crypto trading bot Ponzi scheme.

Cartey is believed to be a UK national living in Thailand.

Other MLM crypto Ponzi schemes Cartey has been involved in include 3T Networks, Elef, a collapsed NFT grift Ponzi and MayoTrade.

Cartey frequently collaborates with Daniel Schwartz. Whether Schwartz is involved in 9xProfits is unclear.