14dailyprofit-logoThe first thing that struck me about the 14 Daily Profit MLM opportunity was the name, in that it’s remarkably similar to the 12 Daily Profit Ponzi scheme launched just over a month ago.

Sure the two company names sound suspiciously similar but is there anything else linking these two sites together?

Read on for a full review of the 14 Daily Profit MLM opportunity.

The only information on the 14 Daily Profit website indicating who runs or owns the company is as follows:

14Dailyprofit.com is a division of 14Daily Advertising Inc. Comprised of a Group of European Internet Marketing Experts, We are your Next Generation online advertising and Income Generations partner.

Where “14 Daily Advertising Inc.” exists (if at all) isn’t mentioned and the rest of the information is just vague generic info that doesn’t really tell us anything.

The domain ’14dailyprofit.com’ was registered on the 15th April 2012 however the registration information is set to private. So no luck there either.

If we poke around the 14 Daily Profit website however, it’s revealed that there are some images hosted on the 14 Daily Profit website that promote other companies:

Studio Banners Pay (investment ponzi launched early April, stopped paying out by April 20th):

13 Daily Doubler (ponzi scheme launched late March, reportedly stopped paying out around April 20th):

12 Daily Profit (ponzi scheme launched in mid March that was a relaunch of a 2010 ponzi scheme, website now offline):

All of these websites are running the same backend script and while the 12 Daily Profit website is down, the 13 Daily Doubler website is promoting Studio Banners Pay website (not member advertising, the actual website itself is hosting advertising).

Add all this up and I think it’s safe to say that 14 Daily Profit is yet another company launched by whoever has been behind a series of investment scams launched in 2012.

I don’t know who these people are other than that they appear to be operating out of Europe and their schemes seem to be collapsing at an alarmingly hastening pace each time they launch a new scam.

The 14 Daily Profit Review Product

14 Daily Profit doesn’t have any retailable product or service. Instead, for each investment made with the company members are given advertising credits.

Like all the other scams these guys have launched with advertising credits over the last few months, these advertising credits are largely useless due to the fact that nobody sees the ads other than the people visiting the 14 Daily Profit website.

There is no third-party exposure thus the network itself only exists to prop up the compensation plan.

The 14 Daily Profit Compensation Plan

14 Daily Profit guarantee their members a 14% ROI over 11 days (total ROI is 154%).

In addition to the investment returns, members are also offered a 6% commission on any investments made by members they recruit into the company.

Joining 14 Daily Profit

Membership to 14 Daily Profit comes in two varieties, free and elite.

Free membership costs nothing but limits referral commission to one level. Additionally free members must “upgrade” to Elite membership if they wish to actually cash out their earnings.

Elite membership costs $14 every 11 days and extends the referral commissions down 10 levels (people you recruit are your first level, people they recruit your second level and so on and so forth).


These guys have a terrible track record of launching scams and having them collapse in just a few short weeks and I imagine 14 Daily Profit is going to be no different.

At the end of the day a Ponzi is a Ponzi and isn’t sustainable no matter how you dress it up. I imagine it won’t be long before we see ’15 Daily Profit’ spring up once people stop investing in 14 Daily Profit.

One would think over time that the effort required to slap a few generic images together and launch a new site off the same backend script would outweigh the meagre profits generated by such opportunities but I suppose while people continue to invest in such scams, that’s obviously not the case.