13dailydoubler-logoThere is no information on the 13 Daily Doubler website as to who owns or runs the company.

The domain ’13dailydoubler.com’ was registered on the 19th March 2012 and lists the registrant as:

Philippe Van Pear (support@13dailydoubler.com)
1003 rue de spa
Tel. +32.49699967

In the past two months I’ve seen no less than three Ponzi schemes pop up with registrants listed as being in Brussels Belgium:

  • Profit Doubler (profitdoubler.net) – launched around February 23rd 2012 and is now defunct
  • Daily Cash Doubler (dailycashdoubler.com) – launched around March 7th 2012
  • 12 Daily Income (12dailyincome.com) – launched around March 20th 2012

All of the above scams were obvious Ponzi schemes offering ridiculous returns over a fixed period of times, and all listed domain owners in Brussels Belgium.

I’d say whoever is running 13 Daily Doubler are the same scamsters who ran the above opportunities. It goes without saying that the various names used to register the domains of these companies are fake too.

The 13 Daily Doubler Product Line

13 Daily Doubler have no product or service available at a retail level. Instead, when members make investments with the company they are given advertising credits.

These advertising credits can then be used to display advertising on an in-house network that features on the 13 Daily Doubler website.

The 13 Daily Doubler Compensation Plan

13 Daily Doubler guarantee a ROI of 13% over 13 days on all investments made with the company. This equates to a total ROI of 166%.

Investments are made in $10 allotments with a 40% of the return having to be forcibly reinvested into the scheme.

In addition to investment returns, 13 Daily Doubler also offer members recruitment commissions. 13 Daily Doubler pay out 8% on any investments made by people you directly recruit (your level 1) and 4% on any investments members that they recruit make (your level 2).

Joining 13 Daily Doubler

Membership to 13 Daily Doubler is free, however members must invest if they wish to earn commissions.

Free members can initially earn recruitment commissions by encouraging members they recruit to invest, but they themselves must make an investment if they wish to cash out this money.


With no other revenue source other than the money being invested by members, 13 Daily Doubler is an obvious Ponzi scheme.

The 60/40 re-investment rule will stall the collapse of the Ponzi for a while, but ultimately it will still fail when the returns outnumber the new money being invested.

I don’t know how many websites these Belgium scammers are going to come up with but they appear to be stepping up their investment schemes one digit at a time.

I suppose in another few weeks we’ll start to see 14% ROIs offered in 14 days…