12dailyprofit-logoAs someone who reviews MLM business models and compensation plan structures, it’s completely out my hands what direction the industry takes or the trends it goes through.

If a particular business model catches the eye of company owners, more often than not clones start to pop up all over the place. And the simpler the business model can be replicated, the more abundant the clones.

As a reviewer, with little to distinguish between the business models being cloned, it can be a challenge at times to keep up. One of the reasons I do try to catalogue as many MLM companies as I can though, is so that I hope to build BehindMLM into a valuable resource over the years that catalogues who ran what and when, to the best of my knowledge.

Just over two years ago the website 12 Daily Profit launched in December of 2009. In its original incarnation, 12 Daily Profit promised up to 12% daily ROIs on investments made with the company over 12 days.

An obvious Ponzi scheme, sometime in 2010 12 Daily Profit went bust and the domain expired. Apparently looking to resurrect the opportunity, the domain has been registered again and a new website was launched a few days ago.

Read on for a full review of the 12 Daily Profit MLM opportunity.

The Company

The likelihood that 12 Daily Profit is owned by a different owner this time around is unlikely, moreso when you consider the site is being used to push a similar MLM investment based business opportunity.

There is no information on the 12dailycash.com website about who owns or runs the opportunity, however the domain registration lists a ‘mike bercam’ operating out of Montreal in Canada as the registrant.

No further information about this Mike Bercam is available online and given the history of the 12 Daily Profit domain, I’m even tempted to say that these are bogus details.

The 12 Daily Profit Product Line

12 Daily Profit has no retail product offering or service. Members must make investments into the company if they wish to earn commissions (returns).

Bundled with each investment are advertising credits. These advertising credits can be used to advertise on an inhouse advertising network that features on the 12 Daily Profit website.

The 12 Daily Profit Compensation Plan

12 Daily Profit guarantee members a 12% daily ROI for 12 days. Investments are made in $10 lots and capped at a $10,000 total per member.

The company also pays a 10% commission on any investments made by personal recruits.

Joining 12 Daily Profit

Membership to 12 Daily Profit is free, however an investment must be made if members wish to earn any commissions.

Free members can earn without investing themselves, but they need to recruit and encourage their recruits to invest instead.


With no revenue source other than member’s investments, it’s clear that the returns 12 Daily Profit pay out are being funded by new investments made by members.

The company claims that it’s an ‘online advertising program‘, however the company’s refund policy states:

When you purchase an ad Pack, you are essentially purchasing advertising with 12dailyprofit.com and you will instantly be credited with 10,000 advertising credits which you can use straight away to promote your banners/text advertisements.

As such, 12dailyprofit.com does not offer any refund.

Logically, if members did not use any of the purchased advertising credits then they would be fully entitled to a refund. Given that nothing is being purchased however and that the newly invested money is instantly used to pay out existing guaranteed returns, refunds are of course not possible.

12 Daily Profit is pretty much a bog standard Ponzi scheme and once the new investments stop, so too will the returns.

Whereas the 2009 launch of 12 Daily Profit saw three separate investment plans (depending on how much was invested), this time around it looks like the owners are streamlining the investment process with just one offering.

Regardless, 12 Daily Profit went bust before and the same thing will happen again. You can’t generate returns out of nothing.