12dailyincome-logoA few days ago I reviewed a new MLM investment opportunity called 12 Daily Profit. The basic idea was that you invest in the scheme and the company pays you out a 12% daily ROI on your investment.

In my review of 12 Daily Profit I uncovered that the company had been launched previously in 2009 and that its current incarnation appeared to be a relaunch with a slightly modified compensation plan.

Just days later after 12 Daily Profit was launched another scheme bearing a strikingly similar name and compensation plan has also been launched.

Read on for a full review of the 12 Daily Income MLM opportunity.

The Company

There is no information on the 12 Daily Income website about who owns or runs the opportunity.

The domain ’12dailyincome.com’ was registered on the 13th March 2012 however the registration information is set to private.

With nothing to go on that’s normally where I’d leave a look into a MLM company with a general warning about not investing or handing over money to anonymous business operators, however the company launch of 12 Daily Profit a few days ago is hard to ignore.

There’s no visible proof linking these two schemes however the business models and company names are too similar to discount. I’d say there’s a strong indication both are being run by the same parties.

Like 12 Daily Profit, 12 Daily Income is a relaunch of a Ponzi scheme that first launched in November 2008, allegedly by a Mrs. Hans Conny Winter operating out of Brussels in Belgium.

This name appears only in connection with 12 Daily Income and given the nature of the scheme, I’m pretty confident it’s a fake name.

12 Daily Profit launched in early November 2008 and also promised members a 12% daily ROI over 12 days. Shortly after launch the company stopped paying referral commissions.

Within 3 weeks of launch the company had stopped paying ROIs to members altogether and the owners simply shut down the site and ran off with the money invested.

The 12 Daily Income Product Line

12 Daily Product have no products or services. The company runs an advertising network and with each investment made by members, gives them advertising credits to use.

These advertising credits can be traded in for ad space on the 12 Daily Income advertising network which displays ads on the company website.

There is no way to obtain advertising credits from the company without participating in the investment scheme.

The 12 Daily Income Compensation Plan

Members who join 12 Daily Income can invest their money in $12 blocks. The company then promises to pay out a return of 12% over 12 days (144% ROI).

12 Daily Income also pays out referral commissions on the money invested by members recruited. 8% is paid out on investments made by direct recruits (level 1) and 4% on their recruit’s investments (level 2).

Joining 12 Daily Income

Membership to 12 Daily Income is free however members must invest in the scheme if they wish to earn commissions.

Free members can earn virtual profits via referral commissions but they themselves need to invest in the scheme if they wish to cash out.


100% of the ROIs offered by 12 Daily Income are paid out of member investments meaning that this is yet again another obvious Ponzi scheme.

12 Daily Income claims to be an ‘online advertising company’, however the company’s refund policy states:

Your advertising is available to you and commissions are paid immediately after payments are made. With that said there will be NO refunds granted.

Given that the advertising is given to members via credits, if advertising was what was being purchased, one would think that if those credits weren’t used, then a refund would be due.

Of course 12 Daily Income isn’t selling advertising and instead use the new money invested to pay off ROIs on existing investments.

A final red flag lies in the company’s terms and conditions. On the 12 Daily Income homepage, it is clearly stated:

 We pay you 12% daily for 12 days

Yet in the terms and conditions the admin writes:

12dailyincome.com does not make any promises written or implied as to the amount of money that can be made from 12dailyincome.com.