When I sat down to research 10 Level Riches, it wasn’t long before the name William Pattison popped up.

William Pattison, now where have I heard that name before…?

A quick Google search led me back to BehindMLM and an opportunity that I’d reviewed back in March this year, The Final Matrix.

In short, the Final Matrix is an MLM opportunity that pays out commissions solely on the recruitment of others and offers members the opportunity to publish text and banner ads to their fellow members, along with the standard trashy ebook downloads downloadable training tools usually made available with such schemes.

In other words you can completely ignore the Final Matrix’s products and just recruit people to earn money… and we all know what that is.

Turns out The Final Matrix wasn’t so final after all and Pattison is back with yet another matrix based opportunity. Is 10 Level Riches any more legit than The Final Matrix was?

Let’s find out.

The Company

william-pattisonUnlike The Final Matrix which was a co-partnership between William (also known as Bill) Pattison and Trevor Hovick, 10 Level Riches appears to be a sole venture by Pattison (photo right) alone.

Launched in July 2011, 10 Level Riches is merely a website front for yet another matrix based MLM opportunity launched by Pattison.

Due to the unsustainable nature of these schemes in the long term, it appears that Pattison has to start a new one every few months to sustain his income.

Rather than fill the need within the MLM industry, consumers or it’s members, 10 Level Riches rather exists solely to fill the pockets of its founder, Pattison.

10 Level Riches’ Product Line

10 Level Riches itself doesn’t have a product line. Instead, as you fill up your matrix with new recruits you’re given various ‘software downloads”.

These software downloads are all marketing based and appear to be third party affiliate offers that have nothing to do with Pattison or 10 Level Riches itself. They may or may not be relevant to 10 Level Riches, but they certainly aren’t custom designed to fit the opportunity itself.

Pattison himself no doubt is registered as an affiliate for each of the products and for each copy downloaded most likely receives an affiliate commission on the download itself (double dipping anyone?).

Continuing the product irrelevancy theme found in The Final Matrix, it begs the obvious question; do you really need training materials to understand that all that is required of you to earn money in 10 Level Riches is to recruit other people to the scheme?

There’s 10 levels within the 10 Level Riches compensation plan and as such 10 software downloads offered by the company. You are unable to purchase any of the products separately (unless you google the software titles and purchase them from other affiliates yourself).

The 10 Level Riches Compensation Plan

At the heart of the 10 Level Riches compensation plan is a, not surprisingly, a 10 x 3 forced matrix that houses a maximum of 88,573 members (78,732 of which are on levels 9 and 10 of the pyramid scheme matrix).

After paying your $20 buy in to participate in 10 Level Riches, of which $5 goes to the company and $15 to your upline, you then have to go out and recruit people. You are not paid a cent until you recruit 3 other people to 10 Level Riches and ‘upgrade’ yourself to level 2 (topaz) of the matrix.

Pattison claims that he pays out 90% of membership money to members whilst retaining 10% for himself, but without knowing exactly what his affiliate program costs via the software downloads, or AlertPay network fees are on the surface it’s a gross 25% (he keeps $5 of all $15 buy ins).

Note that there is also a 10% withdrawal fee on your earnings, this again goes directly to Pattison.

The basic idea is that for each person you directly refer, you make $15 out of their $20 buy in. This repeats itself until you’ve filled your 88,573 member matrix (which is never supposed to happen).

As each level of the matrix is split with a token gemstone or mineral name (cubic zirconia, topaz, citrine, peridot, amethyst, onyx, sapphire, emeraly, ruby and diamond), your first $15 at each level is paid out to the company.

Pattison calls this an ‘upgrade’ fee but with zero admin costs (the entire system is automated) the only reason this exists is to keep the pyramid scheme going.

Finally members are also able to buy positions within their own matrix an infinite time (remembering of course that you don’t get paid anything until each account has 3 new members under it).

This is yet another sign that the products are completely irrelevant and a mere front for legality (does anyone really need multiple copies of the same marketing material?)


In my mind there’s absolutely no question that 10 Level Riches is a pyramid scheme and Pattison himself agrees. In the ‘details’ section of the company website, here’s how Pattison himself describes the opportunity;

3×10 Forced Matrix? – Cycler? – 1 UP? – 2 UP? – 10 UP? – Cash Leveraging? – Gifting?


The x-up programs are usually of dubious legality but ‘gifting’ explicitly refers to ‘cash gifting’ which is just another name for a pyramid scheme – and is an illegal business model in the US.

What we have with 10 Level Riches is a blatant pyramid scheme that is self perpetuating and pays out existing members purely on the membership fees of new members brought into the company.

As long as existing members are out there recruiting new members, comissions are paid out and Pattison walks away with a 25% cut (minus operating expenses).

The products are irrelevant affiliate downloads and the 10 Level Riches compensation plan pays out solely on the basis of recruitment. There is no retail side to the program and I cannot purchase anything from the company as a pure retail customer.

All of this adds up to yet another blatant pyramid scheme started up by Pattison after his last one, The Final Matrix, dried up. No doubt 10 Level Riches will also stall in a few months and with a launch date in July, I imagine that’s not too far around the corner.

At this point I’m sure we’ll see yet another matrix based opportunity launched by Pattison following this very same formula.

Till then…