the-final-matrix-logoOver the past few years there’s been an explosion of matrix compensation plan based MLM’s to hit the network marketing industry.

With relatively simple payout structures and a heavy trend towards only rewarding members with commissions for recruiting others to the business, once the initial momentum has died down, most of these companies have hit a brick wall.

But not before their founders have made a considerably sum of money.

In response to this trend, a lot of the more recent matrix based MLM company startups have started to put some emphasis on their product line. Be in membership to a third party system or merely a token product to facilitate the legal status of the company itself.

One new startup company though, The Final Matrix seems to be going in the complete opposite direction.

Founded by William Pattison and Trevor Hovick (who seem to originate from MLM company AshMax, an affiliate sales type company), The Final Matrix went into prelaunch late last year and officially launched early this year.

So focused on just getting their members to sign up new members to the company are The Final Matrix though, that any shred of relevancy or legitimacy in their token product seems to have gone out the window.

The Final Matrix’s Products

Want to know exactly how irrelevant and token The Final Matrix’s product line is?

Here’s how the company’s products are described on their website;

We offer on site advertising to all of our proven buyers online! Banner ads as well as text ads rotate through out the program, included with your membership.

We will also offer online marketing help, and an ever growing download library for you to take advantage of. New products will be added each and every month!

If I’m reading correctly, both of those ‘products’ are included with the monthly $33 USD subscription fee. But how relevant are they to the company?

Banner and text ads

Really? You start an MLM company and your flagship product offering is banner and text ads to your members?

‘Hey guys, join our company and then use our network to sell third party products to your fellow members!

Don’t have any products or services to sell? Doesn’t matter! The fact that we offer this service to you makes our company legal – so just focus on recruiting and we’ll all get paid!’

I’m not even sure if offering banner and text ads counts as a legitimate product for MLM. Service yes, but product? That’s going to be a stretch.

Downloadable Training Tools

I’m going out on a limb here and assuming these are going to also be third party ebooks and video courses. They could be relevant products but from the sounds of it, are all going to be geared on how you can best recruit new people to the Final Matrix itself.

‘Want to join my company? We offer complete inhouse training so you can get others to join the company – just like I’m doing right now!’

As you can see, both product offerings of The Final Matrix are wafer thin and seem to offer little value to members beyond encouraging them to focus on recruitment.

The Final Matrix Compensation Plan

The Final Matrix Compensation plan is a forced 5×3 matrix. This means that it’s 3 levels deep, and each arm branches off into five separate arms again.

In a nutshell, it looks like this;

The Final Matrix payout structure is simple;

  • on your first level you get paid $10 per recruit (max $50)
  • on your second level you get paid $2 per recruit (max $50)
  • on your third level you get paid $17 per recruit (max $2125)

These payouts have nothing to do with the products or services offered by The Final Matrix and are simply paid out because you recruited new members to the company.

As a ‘bonus’, The Final Matrix allows you to buy five additional accounts on top of your original one. This means that you can further increase your profit potential by ‘buying out’ the first five levels of your matrix.

In essence you pay the company 6 lots of $33 each month ($198) but get back an immediate $50 due to commissions paid out. Yes, the Final Matrix will even pay you for recruiting yourself…

Then you simply go out and recruit more people and enjoy double commissions on your first level. Effectively you’re creating 5 matrices within your first matrix by owning the all of the first five level accounts.

Sounds dodgy? That’s because it is.

Ask yourself why you’d be able to purchase  six accounts in a legitimate product driven MLM company and earn a commission of them for doing nothing.


One of the biggest selling points The Final Matrix is using to entice new members is the prospect that it really could be the Final Matrix they ever participate in.

The carrot dangled infront of prospective members is the fact that by recruiting 155 people to the business, a member can take home $2225 a month recurring.

All they have to do is pay their $33 a month (or $198 if you go the six account route) and sit back and watch the money roll in.

So how is it paid?

Well, effectively everyone is on a $33 or more autoship a month for irrelevant products they don’t have to use and have nothing to do with the commissions being paid out.

The maths is simple, 155 x $2225 = $5115.

You get your $2225 and the rest is put back into covering the costs of other members who haven’t yet recruited 155 members in their matrix.

The Final Matrix claims that

95% of all money paid to the program is turned right back around into members profits!

And again if we do the math that means the company makes $255 on each completed 5×3 matrix (probably more on the incomplete ones).

With no tangible products to provide and virtually non-existent logistical distribution costs (it’s all digital), it’s easy to see how making $255 per member account per month adds up nicely for the company.

As long as there’s members out there with unfinished matrices they’re trying to fill, the money keeps rolling in and everyone gets paid. Once the company grows however and members start to giveup filling in their matrices and drop off, this is where The Final Matrix is going to have problems and die out.

As I mentioned before, with little else to offer beyond recruitment commissions, sustainability and product relevancy have both gone out the window with The Final Matrix.

Approach with caution.