2xwow-logoTouting something called ‘Ignition levels’ comes William Pattison’s latest recruitment based scam, 2xWow.

Pattison (also known as Will Pattison) has been launching scam after scam for a while now as part of his ‘Downline1Network’. Like the rest of the scams Pattison has launched, 2xWow can be boiled down to a simple recruitment game.

Read on for a full review of the 2xWow MLM opportunity.

The Company

As mentioned earlier, 2xWow is part of Bill Pattison’s (photo right) Downline1Network and that pretty much tells you two things:

  • Success in the opportunity is going to be reliant on the new recruitment of others
  • Like all the other Downline1Network recruitment scams launched before it, the opportunity will be short lives and eventually fizzle out when the new recruits stop joining

The 2xWow Product Line

2xWow has no retail product or service at all. As per the company itself,

Banner Ads / Text Ads / Solo Ads (are) all included with membership!

You pay a membership fee and receive some advertising credits that go along with it (to be used in an inhouse advertising network on the 2xWow website).

This effectively means that membership to the company and the income opportunity itself is what is being marketed.

The 2xWow Compensation Plan

2xWow utilises a 2×15 matrix and pays members out a $5 commission for every new member they recruit to the company.

Starting with you at the top, a 2×15 matrix branches out into two legs, which in turn branch out into two legs and so and so forth down 15 levels.

As you fill up your 2×15 matrix, the first few levels will look something like this:

The residual income component of the 2xWow compensation plan is a $5 commission per member in your matrix.

The way this works however is a little different to your regular matrix. 2xWow use what they call ‘ignite levels’. These ignite levels are your matrix levels grouped in 3s (levels 1, 2 and 3 are one level, levels 4, 5 and 6 another etc.).

In order to receive commissions on one ignite level, you must have filled the previous ignite level in its entirety. Effectively this means that you might lose a few commissions when spillover affects the natural progression of your matrix filling (until you’ve already unlocked the relevant ignite level the spillover members are falling on).

Note that this is not a monthly residual commission but rather are once off payments.

Additionally in order to add some sustainability to the program, members forfeit the first $5 payment on each level of the matrix they would otherwise receive.

For example, using the matrix diagram above, Level 1 has two member positions. As this fills a 2xWow member would give up their first payment $5 and cash out the remaining $5 payment the second member pays them.

This continues down to level 13 of the matrix. There is no withholding of your first $5 payment on levels 13-15.

Joining 2xWow

Membership to 2xWow requires a one time payment of $25.


With 100% of the membership fees in 2xWow being used to pay commissions and 100% of the commissions being dependent on the recruitment of members, there is absolutely no doubt that 2xWow is yet another scam launched by Pattison and his Downline1Network.

When the new recruits dry up 2xWow will disappear and it won’t be long before we see yet another recruitment scam launched in its place.