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LiveSmart 360’s BMW Bonus

One of the more indulgent components of LiveSmart 360’s compensation plan is the BMW Bonus. In effect as you rise up LiveSmart 360’s compensation plan the company will help you to pay off a BMW you purchase on finance. On paper the BMW Bonus looks good but there are some caveats to think about before [Continue reading…]

Is Mark McCool the CEO of LiveSmart 360?

Foreword: The order report generator linked to in this article has been taken offline sometime in the last week (16/05/2010) by Cyberwize. /end foreword   When I was doing my initial research into the new MLM company LiveSmart 360, Mark McCool first popped up on my radar when I visited Currently the domain is [Continue reading…]

LiveSmart 360 – A Prelaunch Overview

In just 17 days a new MLM company is set to launch, LiveSmart 360. Up until recently details about this new company have been scarce. Whilst a little bit of information has been released, unless you’re willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement there’s not that much to go on. Today I thought I’d take a [Continue reading…]