vemma-logoIn the leadup to Vemma and the FTC squaring off in court, a pretrial conference has been scheduled for December 14th.

Attorneys for both sides are required to appear in person, with there being no telephonic appearances permitted.

The case might yet not go to trial though, with Vemma and the FTC required to meet before the Pretrial Scheduling Conference, no later than 21 days before December 14th.

At this meeting Vemma and the FTC will explore

  • alternative dispute resolution mechanisms
  • the possibility of a prompt settlement or resolution in the case (based on claims and defenses to be raised at trial) and
  • any other matters that counsel believe will help dispose of the matter in an efficient and economical matter

In the event a settlement is not reached, a joing Proposed Case Management Plan will be filed no later than December 7th.

Will we see a settlement yet, or this going to be the MLM trial of the decade?

Stay tuned…


Footnote: Our thanks to Don@ASDUpdates for providing a copy of Judge Tuchi’s October 8th Pretrial Scheduling Conference order.