Imtiaz Aslam (aka Immy Aslam), has copped a $6.9 million default judgment.

Aslam, a UK national, was second in Traffic Monsoon under incarcerated founder Charles Scoville.

After years of evading service (Aslam fled the UK for crime den Dubai), the Receiver was granted permission to serve Aslam via WhatsApp back in June.

Following a motion for default judgment, the Receiver secured an order on October 10th.

Aslam’s Traffic Monsoon default judgment order consists of $5.08 million in judgment and $1.8 million in prejudgment interest.

For reference, the Receiver’s initial clawback lawsuit alleged Aslam

In related news, on October 12th the court ordered the Receiver why its claims against defendant Maurizio Longo shouldn’t be dismissed.

The Receiver thus far has been unable to to serve Longo, an Italian Traffic Monsoon promoter accused of stealing $607,174.