No offense to Jen McAdam… but talk about burying the lead.

In an “exclusive” interview with McAdam, the UK’s Metro has revealed three OneCoin arrests in London over March and April.

According to Metro, the City of London Police told them

three men were arrested in March and April on suspicion of fraud and money laundering charges in the UK in connection with an investigation into OneCoin.

I went looking on the City of London police website for confirmation, but…

The City of London and City of London Police websites are temporarily unavailable due to essential maintenance

As far as I know though this is the first public announcement of the arrests, possibly up to a month after the fact.

Who the London Police have arrested and why there was no official announcement is unclear.

As reported here on BehindMLM, London Police began investigating OneCoin back in September, 2016.

Since then there’s been no official announcements or updates on the case.


Update 26th June 2022 – Extradition proceedings in the UK have some shed some light on this case.

We know the names of two of the arrestees, not sure what’s happened to the third.