According to an April 14th news report from Kazakhstan’s Tengri News, officers of the Economic Investigation Service in Astana have arrested several OneCoin investors.

Astana is the capital city of Kazakhstan and is situated in the country’s north.

The Economic Investigation Service is a department  of “ДГД по Астане” (lit translation: Astana DGD), which itself is part of the State Revenue Committee under the Ministry of Finance.

According to a statement provided to Tengri News, officers of the Astana DGD have arrested “Мирсаитова Д.К.” (lit translation: Mirsaitova D.K.)

and others, (who) established an extensive network of affiliates working in all regions of the country.

The DGD allege the suspects were promising victims that OneCoin would experience a “rapid growth rate”, which in turn would deliver “excess profits” (ROI).

OneCoin’s business model is acknowledged as a “system of bonuses to attract new investors”, through packages costing 140 to 118,000 EUR.

Citing Kazakh law, the DGD claim OneCoin

used of newly invested funds to establish a criminal scheme under the guise of (selling) online learning, through (various bank) accounts in Singapore, England, Australia, Bulgaria, Georgia, Germany, Denmark, the US, UAE and China.

The DGD allege since 2015 till now, OneCoin scammers in Kazakhstan have stolen 2.2 billion KZT ($7 million USD).

Following the arrest of suspects in their homes as a “preventative measure”, the DGD’s investigation continues.

Meanwhile in Bulgaria, *crickets*.