Monique Vaughn, wife of Wakaya Perfection Founding Ambassador Andre Vaughn, has been sentenced to three years probation.

Vaughn and her husband (right) were indicted on multiple counts of bankruptcy fraud.

Following entry of a guilty plea late last year, on June 18th Andre Vaughn was sentenced to ten months in prison.

Monique Vaughn plead guilty to two counts of bankruptcy fraud back in February.

During her probation, Vaughn is prohibited from ‘obtaining any employment in which you would have control over money, finances, or engage in financial transactions‘.

She’s also unable to ‘incur new credit charges or open additional lines of credit’ without approval of her probation officer.

With both their parents facing prison time, the real victims in all of this were the Vaughns’ children.

Thankfully at least one parent will still be around to look after them.