Following a successful appeal last month, the Kristijan Krstic extraditions were punted back to a Serbian High Court.

That High Court has now reaffirmed that “that all legal preconditions for extradition have now been determined”.

This means that extradition is once again on the cards, pending the outcome of another new appeal.

As reported by Juzne Vesti, the Krstijan Krstic extradition decision is waiting to be reheard in the Belgrade High Court.

An appeal procedure is underway, so they expect that the case will be considered again by the Court of Appeals soon.

The Court states that even now, seven days after the new decision, appeals have arrived.

The original appeal against Krstic’s extradition was upheld, on the grounds ‘significant violations of the provisions of the criminal procedure’ were made.

The High Court’s granting permission again for Krstic (right) and his accomplices to be extradited, suggests those violations have been remedied.

US authorities have alleged Krstic and several accomplices are behind a $70 million+ Ponzi empire.

The US is seeking extradition of Krstic and nine co-conspirators. They are currently being held in Serbia.

Extradition proceedings against Krstic stem from criminal indictments filed by the DOJ. The SEC has also filed a related civil lawsuit.

Pending a second decision from the Serbian Court of Appeals, stay tuned…